Collective Nouns Worksheets

Our printable collective nouns worksheets are a grammatical tour de force for grade 1 through grade 4 children. Increase your uptake of collective nouns and replace the word group with apt group words like pride, bunch, crowd, gaggle, troupe, as you practice collective nouns with a multitude of exercises like matching, filling in the blanks, and underlining. Although it's not easy to remember the group nouns describing people, animals, and objects, using the correct collective noun adds a spark to your writing. Instantly evaluate with our answer keys and save your precious time! Do take a peek at our free collective nouns worksheets!

Completing Phrases with Collective Nouns

Boast of a tremendous stock of collective nouns as you walk through this collective nouns worksheet pdf. Look at the birds, bees, ants, and elephants, and write a collective noun to describe each group.

Matching Collective Nouns to Pictures

Is it a bouquet of flowers, or a bundle? Although one collective noun can go with several nouns, there are certain group words made for specific nouns. Match the collective nouns to the pictures and prove your mettle.

Choosing Correct Group Words for Nouns

The name "collective nouns" is self-explanatory. They are group words that identify "a collection of" nouns. Grade 2 and grade 3 kids complete each sentence choosing a collective noun that best describes the group.

Collective Nouns | Cut and Glue

Scissor out the noun-picture card and glue it above the most appropriate collective noun. Write the picture's name to complete the collective-noun phrase and end up expanding your vocabulary.

Filling in the Blanks with Collective Nouns

What is a group of chickens called? Figure out the group noun that best completes each collective-noun phrase and enhance your 1st grade kid's practice with this printable collective noun exercise.

Writing Group Nouns to Complete Phrases

Celebrate your 2nd grade kid's love for animals with this collective noun worksheet pdf. Look at the picture, read the phrase, and add an appropriate collective noun to represent the group. Practice this cool stuff right now!

Collective Nouns Chart

It's a choir of singers and a band of musicians! Open up to collective nouns with a treat-of-colors collective nouns for people chart! Kids can't resist the temptation of grabbing this printable collective noun chart!

Plurals and Collective Nouns

This collective noun exercise has a little more than collective nouns to it. While writing collective nouns for a set of nouns, grade 1 and grade 2 kids also write their plural nouns and understand the difference between plurals and collectives.

Identifying Collective Nouns

Nine out of ten times, a collective noun is accompanied by "of" followed by the noun. Hence, it doesn't take much to recognize the group words in the sentences featured in this worksheet on collective nouns. Try it to believe it!

Completing Sentences with Collective Nouns

Whether you're on the soccer field or at home, collective nouns stream in. Task 3rd grade kids with this collective nouns exercise on completing sentences using the group nouns from the box to assess their skills.

Choosing the Correct Collective Nouns

A mob of kangaroos or a thicket of trees, nearly every word in English has a collective noun. In this pdf worksheet, 4th grade kids choose the correct collective noun from the parentheses to complete each sentence.