Possessive Nouns Worksheets

Equal parts fun and learning, our printable possessive nouns worksheets for grade 1 through grade 4 kids have stacks of practice in nouns that possess something. We form possessive nouns by adding an apostrophe +s to nouns. However, with plurals ending in -s, only an apostrophe is added. Corralled here are adequate exercises with answer keys to practice the singular possessives and plural possessives, and comprehend the difference between plurals and possessives, and to understand how possessives differ from contractions. Go possessive with our free possessive nouns worksheets and kick-start your journey!

Whose Is It?

Children are mesmerized by animals, and this printable "Whose is it?" worksheet is winsome. Kids in grade 1 and grade 2 observe the animals and the specified body parts, and answer questions like "Whose mane is it?" using possessive nouns.

Singular Possessive Nouns

"The knife of the chef" becomes "the chef's knife" in the possessive form. Grow your 1st grade kids' knowledge of possessive nouns by meteoric proportions with this possessive noun worksheet pdf, where kids rewrite phrases in their possessive forms.

Possessives vs Plurals

Go from good to great with this possessives vs plurals exercise, and give grade 2 children an opportunity to differentiate between the two. Look for the apostrophe and decide if the underlined noun is possessive or plural.

Completing Sentences with Singular Possessive Nouns

Showing ownership will no longer be a head-scratcher with this part of our singular possessive nouns worksheet pdfs. Add an apostrophe and -s to form possessives and complete the sentences with the possessive forms of the nouns in parentheses.

Plural Form or Possessive Form?

Don't let plurals and possessives confuse you anymore! Grade 3 children read each sentence and comprehend the demand of the context and choose between the plural and possessive forms to complete the sentences.

Possessive Nouns Rules Chart

Get into the nitty-gritty with this printable possessive nouns chart, an effective tool that hammers home the idea of possessive nouns in a flash, with a definition and two basic rules to form possessives of any singular or plural noun.

Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns | Cut and Glue

"Grandpa's glasses" is a singular possessive. "Bakers' cakes" is a plural possessive. Kids in 3rd grade cut the possessive-noun cards, classify them and load them onto the correct singular or plural possessive noun wagon.

Fill in the Blanks with Plural Possessive Nouns

A valuable addition to your resources, this plural possessive nouns worksheet pdf makes 4th grade kids watchful of where they place the apostrophe, and write the possessive form of the regular or irregular plural nouns in the parentheses.

Rewriting Sentences using Singular Possessive Nouns

Let grade 2 and grade 3 children practice forming possessive nouns. Rewrite each sentence with a possessive form. For instance, "the bike that belongs to Kate" will be written as "Kate's bike".

Possessive Nouns or Contractions?

Children in 2nd grade tell if the marked words are possessives or contractions. If there's a belonging (dog's bark), it's a possessive noun. When a letter is missing (The bird's flying), it's a contraction.