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Abstract and Concrete Nouns Worksheets

By turns interesting and challenging, our printable abstract and concrete nouns worksheets are just the thing you need for your grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 kids. Identify the tangible or concrete nouns that you can feel with one of the five senses and the intangible or abstract nouns referring to ideas, emotions, conditions, or events with multifarious exercises like underlining, circling, completing sentences with answer keys, and a lot more! Be a part of this exciting learning experience with our free abstract and concrete nouns worksheet pdfs.

Identifying Abstract and Concrete Nouns

Increase your noun know-how with this part of our printable concrete and abstract nouns worksheets! Let 3rd grade kids color the tangible or concrete nouns pink and intangible or abstract nouns green.

Abstract Nouns vs Concrete Nouns

Get your little ones to read the nouns in the box and decide which of them can be experienced by the sense organs and which of them can't. Sort the nouns as abstract and concrete and complete the T-chart.

Recognizing Abstract and Concrete Nouns

We can taste a "chocolate", smell a "flower", and touch a "wall". This is not the case with the abstract nouns "bravery" or "cowardice". The budding "nounsters" in grade 4 write if the nouns on the bones are abstract or concrete.

Spotting Abstract Nouns in Sentences

Draw on the rich practice offered by this printable abstract noun worksheet, Which gets kids on an abstract noun hunt. Kids read each sentence and look for a noun that describes an idea rather than a thing or indicates emotion or quality.

Completing Sentences with Correct Abstract Nouns

Make abstract noun a familiar ground with this part of our pdf abstract and concrete nouns worksheets. Grade 5 children read each sentence and complete it with an appropriate abstract noun from the word box that they can't physically feel.

Forming Abstract Nouns from Adjectives

Fuel your fascination for abstract nouns by learning how to make them from adjectives. At the end of each sentence, find adjectives like "beautiful" or "healthy" that kids convert into adjectives like "beauty" and "health".

Abstract Nouns from Verbs, Adjectives, and Common Nouns

Kids in 4th grade and 5th grade get their head around forming abstract nouns from verbs, adjectives, and common nouns, such as "excitement" from "excite", "boredom" from "boring", and "beggary" from "beggar" in this abstract noun exercise pdf .

Recognizing Concrete Nouns in Sentences

As long as we can feel a noun with one of the five senses, it's a concrete noun. The more common type, concrete nouns are everywhere. In this concrete noun worksheet pdf, 3rd grade kids are expected to circle the concrete nouns in each sentence.

Labeling Abstract Nouns A and Concrete Nouns C

Encourage the noun-excited learners in grade 4 and grade 5 to differentiate between abstract nouns and concrete nouns with this exercise. They read each sentence, identify the nouns, and write C for concrete nouns and A for abstract nouns.

Spotting and Sorting Abstract and Concrete Nouns

Partake in the pleasures of spotting and sorting with this printable abstract and concrete exercise! Read these sentences and pick instances of both abstract and concrete nouns. Sort the noun into the appropriate category.