Common and Proper Nouns Worksheets

Make a splash with our printable common and proper nouns worksheets prepared with grade 1 through grade 4 kids in mind. Explore the amazing world of specific and general nouns, and learn to define, identify, classify, match and differentiate between common and proper nouns. Presenting the concept in a variety of interesting exercises provides kids many opportunities to grasp it. Evaluation no longer feels like a chore with our answer key. Take a look at our free common and proper nouns worksheets for an insight into what lies in store!

Writing C for Common and P for Proper Nouns

Kick-start your fun learning experience with this printable identifying common and proper nouns worksheet. Get grade 2 and grade 3 kids to read each noun and write "C" if it's a common noun and "P" if it's a proper noun.

Spotting and Coloring

Kids in grade 1 color the pencils red if they have a proper noun on them and green if they have a common noun. Help kids understand that a proper noun is always capitalized, and that sets it apart from a common noun.

Matching Proper Nouns with Common Nouns

Give your noun practice an impetus with this common and proper nouns matching worksheet pdf. Generalize a proper noun, example: Toy Story, and match it with a relevant common noun that talks about the category, example: movie.

Sorting Common and Proper Nouns | Cut and Glue

Can your grade 2 kids distinguish between a general noun and a specific noun? Direct them to snip out the noun cards in this exciting, fun-to-do exercise worksheet. Classify them as common nouns and proper nouns and glue.

Underlining Common Nouns

Pique the minds of your eager-to-learn 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids with this simple underlining common nouns worksheet and watch them read each sentence and scout out the common nouns in them.

Identifying Proper Nouns

Shape up the proper noun identification skill of your little ones as they scan through the sentences and spot out the noun that names a particular person, place, or thing and circle it in this proper noun worksheet pdf.

Recognizing Common Nouns and Proper Nouns

Be a part of our common and proper noun hunting spree! Skim through the sentences, underline the common nouns, and circle the proper nouns and expand your knowledge with this exercise of our common and proper nouns worksheets.

Is it a Common Noun or a Proper Noun?

A stepping stone exercise to distinguish between common and proper nouns at full throttle! Encourage little kids to write a C or a P as they encounter every noun in the sentences here and upskill their learning.

Common Nouns vs Proper Nouns

Get ready for the big league with this common and proper noun pdf. Kids in 1st grade and 2nd grade find the nouns in each sentence, sort them as common or proper, and write them in the correct columns. Remind them to capitalize the proper nouns!

Replacing Proper Nouns with Common Nouns

Generalize a specific name and write a specific name for a class in this printable replacing common and proper nouns worksheet for grade 4 provides both. If the underlined word is a common noun, change it to a proper noun and vice versa.

Rewriting Sentences by Capitalizing Proper Nouns

Learning proper nouns becomes a cakewalk for grade 3 and grade 4 kids when it’s ably supported by a host of little techniques, at the forefront of which is capitalizing. Identify the proper nouns, and rewrite the sentences capitalizing them.

Proper Nouns Capitalization

Proper nouns enjoy a huge learning cachet. In this printable proper noun worksheet, 4th grade children master recognizing proper nouns. Rewrite the sentences by capitalizing the proper nouns.