Vocabulary Worksheets

Every word is a new experience. Its feel is different; its use, collocation, and pronunciation are unique; and its aflutter with a spirit that has never been felt before. The more words we add to our collection the brighter our communication becomes. Give your knowledge of words a big shot in the arm with our printable vocabulary worksheets for kindergarten through grade 8 students! Take a closer look at the system that is at work with words, including prefixes and suffixes, root words and syllables, synonyms and antonyms, commonly confused words and abbreviations, closed and open compound words, and a lot more! Exude a new energy and enthusiasm in your ELA lessons, and make your presence more felt than ever before! Some of these worksheets are free.

List of Vocabulary Worksheets

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Abbreviations Worksheets

Wouldn't you feel relaxed, if you knew you don't have to write words as fully as you speak them? Learn all that matters in abbreviation with our printable abbreviation worksheets, designed to make your writing an interestingly short affair.

Alphabetical Order Worksheets

Our pdf alphabetical order worksheets feature skills that help children categorize words and order them alphabetically. Fill in the missing letters, sort and rearrange words, alphabetize words with up to five same initial letters, and a lot more.

Antonyms Worksheets

Antonyms, also called opposite words, account for an interesting chapter in the larger realm of vocabulary. With our antonyms exercises, writing assumes great precision, and communication becomes succinct and to-the-point.

Collocation Worksheets

Build a strong network of words that typically go together, very much like peanut butter and jelly or Tweedledee and Tweedledum, with our collocation worksheets for students. Important takeaways include common errors in collocations and a collocation crossword.

Colors Worksheets

Reassert your color-scholar credentials by breezing through our worksheets! Watch your cognitive process pick up steam and grow by leaps and bounds in the company of fun activities like naming colors, matching colors, and more.

Commonly Confused Words Worksheets

Despite being such a beauty, English never ceases to trick. Whether you're a native speaker, or a novice learner just fallen for the lure of the language, confusing words trouble you every day. Steer clear of this confusion, with our commonly confused words worksheets.

Compound Words Worksheets

Acquire all the conceptual and applied knowledge related to compound words with our exclusive worksheets! Know your closed, open, and hyphenated compound words like a seasoned grammarian!

Connotation and Denotation Worksheets

Watch connotations, both positive and negative, and denotations rub along as you leisurely take in the literal and implied meanings of words. Learn to distinguish between the connotation or association of words and denotations or definitions.

Crossword Worksheets

Infuse energy and enthusiasm into the study of numerous topics of science, English, and social studies, with our humongous collection of pdf crossword puzzle worksheets. Add immense value to learning in a bunch of surprisingly diverse ways!

Kindergarten Sorting and Categorizing Worksheets

At their heart, our kindergarten sorting and categorizing worksheets are an attempt to complement the fact that children, most of them if not of all of them, are naturally inclined to sort objects based on shape, size, color, to name a few means of sorting, and do not need much of an instruction when it comes to sorting and categorizing.

Prefixes Worksheets

Embark on a delightful jaunt with our prefix worksheets and enjoy a versatile experience of learning affixes in English words. There are several exciting halts of divergent exercises and activities, before children finally reach their learning destination.

Root Words Worksheets

Explore the roots of your vocabulary and recalibrate your learning strategies, with our root words worksheets! With purposeful exercises and fun activities, you tackle unfamiliar words, learn to form new words, and unlock the meanings of tons of words.

Shades of Meaning Worksheets

Learn to distinguish between words with same or similar meanings with this compilation of shades of meaning worksheets! Enrich vocabulary and comprehend the intensity of each word with pdf exercises on verbs, adjectives, and more.

Suffixes Worksheets

Our innovative suffixes worksheets help decode difficult words and demystify the process of spelling and reading. With a plethora of exercises and fun activities, this all-encompassing compilation makes learning English suffixes pleasurable and purposeful..

Syllables Worksheets

Every word is made of small units called syllables. A resource abounding with diverse activities and exercises, our syllable worksheets teach all aspects that matter in syllables. Learn syllabication, monosyllabic and multisyllabic words, and more.

Synonyms Worksheets

Using appropriate synonyms makes communication more specific, imaginative, and fun. With exercises like identifying, matching, writing synonyms, and rewriting sentences with synonyms, our synonyms worksheets are a totally different ball game.

Word Search Worksheets

Reinforce word recognition, encourage spelling skills, and build vocabulary with our printable word search worksheets. Fascinating and diverse themes like the seven wonders of the world, sports, languages, and dinosaurs make our exercises irresistible and enjoyable.

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