Helping Verbs Worksheets

Our printable helping verbs worksheets help turn around the learning fortunes of children in grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4. A helping verb, also known as the auxiliary verb, accompanies the main verb and explains the specific time, mood, or voice of the action. Gravitate toward exercises like identifying helping verbs and main verbs in sentences, spotting sentences with helping verbs, and completing sentences with helping verbs. Also, included here are worksheets on modal auxiliaries. Shape up your learning with our free helping verbs worksheet pdfs with answers!

Underlining Helping Verbs

Watch 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids excel with this worksheet on helping verbs, where they underline the helping verb in each sentence. Identify the main verb, and you'll find helping verbs right before them.

Highlighting Sentences That Have Helping Verbs

Every helping verb is unique, for it serves a distinct purpose. Not all sentences in this exercise have a helping verb. Kids' job, though, is to find and highlight the sentences that do use helping verbs.

Circling Helping Verbs & Underlining Main Verbs

A helping verb is the bridesmaid that helps the bride, the main verb, glitter in all its glory. This main and helping verbs worksheet gets 4th grade kids doubly busy as they circle the helping verbs and underline the main verbs.

Helping Verbs Chart

Celebrate the spirit of helping verbs with a beautiful poem! A printable helping verb chart that'll make your peers green with envy, this resource is abounding in helping verbs that we commonly use.

Choosing Helping Verbs to Complete the Sentences

The magic of helping verbs is that "Mom had knitted" is miles apart from "Mom has knitted". Kids in grade 2 and grade 3 use a correct helping verb from parentheses and complete each sentence.

Helping Verbs | Is, Am, Are

This helping verbs is, am, and are worksheet keeps the three helping verbs front and center. Complete each sentence using one of these helping verbs as relevant. Use "is" for 3rd person singular, "are" for 3rd person plural, and "am" for 1st person singular.

Completing Sentences Using Modals from the Box

Helping verbs that further modify the action/meaning of the main verb are called modal verbs. Kids in grade 4 choose an apt modal helping verb from the box to complete the sentences in our modal auxiliaries worksheet pdf.

Making Sentences Using Helping Verbs

Let a bunch of commonly used helping verbs shine in use! In this part of our printable helping verbs worksheets, write sentences using the helping verbs given. Helping verbs couldn't be learned better!

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