Ordering Adjectives Worksheets

Go full steam ahead in using our printable ordering adjectives worksheets for grade 4 and grade 5! When there are multiple adjectives describing a noun, there is a conventional pattern that needs to be followed. The rule says the determiner goes first, followed by opinion. The size adjectives precede shape adjectives, which go before age and color adjectives, and are followed by origin and material. Learn the order and nail this set of exercises in no time! Our answer keys make instant evaluation a reality. Start ordering adjectives according to conventional patterns using our free ordering adjectives worksheet pdf!

Inserting an Adjective

Adjectives have been a firm favorite for kids in 4th grade! Show how much you love adjectives by inserting the given adjective in the right place. Rewrite each phrase following the correct order of adjectives.

Ordering Adjectives | Cut and Glue

It's rip-roaring when there is an array of adjectives screaming for your attention. Get kids in grade 4 to cut out the adjective cards, and glue them in the correct order to describe the pictures.

Rearranging Adjectives in Correct Order

Abounding in adjective picks that are sure to delight grammar buffs in grade 5, this ordering adjectives worksheet is a joy. Stick to the conventional order of adjectives to a tee!

Completing Sentences by Correctly Ordering Adjectives

Determiners, opinion, size, shape, and on it goes! Watch the whole ordering-adjectives ensemble in action in this printable worksheet. Kids complete the sentences by putting the given adjectives in order.

Choosing the Correct Adjective Order

It's a "fancy yellow cotton dress". Opinion is (fancy) first, color (yellow) second, and material (cotton) third. Check the option that has the correct order of adjectives to complete the sentences in this ordering adjectives pdf.

Is the Adjective Order Correct or Wrong?

Adjectives are the comfort blanket that you think of when your writing needs inspiration! A bunch of sentences is given; find if the adjectives are ordered correctly or not. Check "correct" or "wrong".

Identifying the Correct Adjective Order

Adjectives help the noun fly! The more adjectives we use, the higher the noun's flight! But remember ordering them rightly is the key. Color the star that introduces the correctly ordered adjectives.

Completing the Table with Adjectives

It's a colossal exhale when 5th grade kids master the order of adjectives! In this part of ordering adjectives worksheets, describe nouns with adjectives and order them correctly to complete the table.