Tracing Horizontal Lines Worksheets

Grab our printable tracing horizontal lines worksheets and strengthen your fine motor skills. Address your need for regular practice and make headway developing writing skills with refreshing activities like tracing sleeping lines to help birds reach the eggs, tracing horizontal lines to set a boy on his way home, and lots more. Encourage the preschool and kindergarten children to become writing-ready by enhancing basic tracing-line skills. Experience the excitement of pre-school learning with our free tracing horizontal lines worksheets pdf!

Drawing Horizontal Lines by Joining Dots

Ready your little writers of preschool for our absorbing horizontal line tracing worksheets! Instruct them to join the dots by drawing sleeping lines for mastery in the first step to developing good writing skills!

Tracing Sleeping Lines to Help Birds Reach Eggs

Help a bunch of birds reach their nests by displaying your tracing skills! Kids in kindergarten trace the dotted sleeping lines from left to right and prove that their writing-readiness is inferior to none.

Tracing Horizontal Lines between Vehicles and Stop Signs

Trace the dotted lines between each vehicle and the stop sign and give preschool kids lots of pick-me-up trying to hold and use a pencil, being able to independently copy, trace, draw, and color in the process.

Tracing Sleeping Lines on the Street

Can this little boy safely and happily reach home? Yes, as long as the young students can trace the sleeping lines to perfection. Trace the lines on the street and do your tracing bit to help the boy!

Tracing Horizontal Lines on the Truck

Become fluent at drawing horizontal lines with this tracing sleeping lines worksheet pdf, where the yet-to-start-school kids trace the lines on a truck in preparation to learning to writing letters!

Tracing Horizontally to Help Animals Reach Home

A dog stranded away is a miserable thing! Put your tracing talent to noble use in this tracing horizontal lines worksheet printable. Trace the lines to help these animals, birds, and insects reach home.

Tracing Horizontal Lines between Pencils

If your tracing skills haven't taken off yet, revive them with this printable tracing horizontal lines worksheet. Trace the dots between each set of pencils to take your fine motor skills from good to stellar.

Tracing Sleeping Lines to Help Animals Meet Their Young

The mother animals are desperate to meet their young! Since they can't meet unless the lines are traced, the poor animals are at your mercy. Go ahead, trace the lines, and facilitate their meeting.

Tracing Horizontally | Christmas-Themed

Christmas is merry! Christmas is instructional, too. Let children delight at the sight of these Christmas decorations and in the process trace the horizontal lines so they don't struggle while writing.

Forming a Square by Tracing Horizontal Lines

Parents must give their kids plenty of practice tracing shapes, so their math skills pick up. Direct kids to trace the sleeping lines on a square. Let them color, connect and draw to up the practice.

Making the Letter E by Tracing Horizontal Lines

Few letters in the English alphabet require drawing more horizontal lines than the letter E. An ode to the letter E, this pdf worksheet tasks kindergarten kids with tracing the sleeping lines to make the letter E.