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Coloring, Tracing, and Drawing Circles Worksheets

Thumbing through our printable coloring, tracing, and drawing circles worksheets, you are sure to find something that interests your preschool, kindergarten or grade 1 kid. Dig in and find adequate exercises like coloring, drawing, tracing, identifying and counting circles. Get the wiggles out when kids track their way through the maze, cut and glue circles to make their snowman and find circles in real-life too. Our free coloring, tracing, and drawing circles worksheet is a glimpse of what's in store.

Coloring, Tracing, Joining the Dots, and Drawing a Circle

Invite kids to 4-course meal with this pdf that begins with an appetizer: coloring the circle, then comes the soup: tracing the circle, the entree: connecting the dots, and the most loved dessert: drawing a circle.

Tracing and Coloring the Circles

A bite of the magic apple has made Cathy the creepy caterpillar's body disappear. Can your little preschool magicians wave their pencil wands and trace the circles, color them and make it reappear?

Tracing the Shape and Its Name

A perfect concoction of circles big and small awaits your little ones in this tracing the circles worksheet pdf. Get kids to go over the circles and practice tracing the letters of the shape as well.

Coloring and Drawing Circles

Kids are sure to gravitate toward this printable worksheet with its healthy dose of practice in identifying and coloring circles in Part A, and drawing circles of different sizes in Part B.

Finding, Coloring, and Counting Circles

What happens when circles and real-life objects come together? These real-life objects have circles in them, just find and color them. Hunt for circles on the ladybug and color the spots on the ladybug.

Coloring the Circular Objects

Cookies, wheels, envelopes are shapes we see every day. But which of these are circles? Get kindergarten and 1st grade to scan the printable worksheet hunting for circular objects and color them.

Cut and Glue Activity | Building a Snowman

The snowman has fallen from the heaven, not in flakes, but one circle at a time. Preschool kids cut the circles and assemble the snowman, give him a carrot nose, sparkling eyes, and a mouth.

Tracing the Path

Running into dead ends and turning around to find another way, this maze worksheet pdf guarantees fun as kindergarten and grade 1 kids color the circles and help Jake find his way to the doghouse.