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Third Grade Math Worksheets | Printable Workbooks

"...Try a little harder than you want to. Aim a little higher than you think possible..." - Art Linkletter, with this assemblage of 3rd grade math worksheets featured here. Constructed on Common Core State Standards these workbooks encompass topics like number sense and operations, fractions, learning to measure time, capacity and weight; interpreting data as bar and pie graphs, determining area and perimeter and a lot more.

Number and Operations in Base Ten | CCSS 3.NBT

Addition and Subtraction for Grade 3

Embedded in this 3rd grade addition and subtraction workbooks are umpteen horizontal and vertical addition and subtraction drill worksheets. Employ this daily practice tool to ace in addition and subtraction.

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Grade 3 Multiplication and Division

Incorporate this unique collection of 3rd grade multiplication and division worksheets that features activities and drills for intense practice. Check out exercises on multiplication properties, solve word problems and more.

Grade 3 Rounding | Whole Numbers

Enhance your skills in rounding whole numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds, practice rounding on a number line and solve simple word problems with this collection of 3rd grade rounding worksheets.

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Number and Operations—Fractions | CCSS 3.NF

Fractions for Grade 3

Give a head start to your learning with these fraction worksheets developed for grade 3 children. Hone your skills as you practice exercises to identify equivalent fractions, compare fractions and plug in the missing fractions.

Measurement and Data | CCSS 3.MD

Measuring | Time, Capacity and Weight

This astounding variety of measurement of time, capacity and weight worksheets assists 3rd grade children in determining the estimated and elapsed time, balance and calculate weight and measure capacity too.

Pictograph, Bar graph and Line Plot

Organize data, observe, read and plot pictographs and bar graphs, make and interpret line plots with these aesthetically designed themed pictograph, bar graph and line plot worksheets for Grade 3.

Geometry | CCSA 3.G

Grade 3 Geometry | Shapes, Area and Perimeter

This spatial collection of worksheets comprises ample exercises to introduce the basics of geometry. Identify, color and draw shapes, determine the area and perimeter of squares, rectangles and more.