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Number Sense and Operations Worksheets

Do you aspire to transform young learners to "Mini Mathematicians"? Then, this is the place to be! Introduce the elementary math concepts for kindergarten through fifth graders with this set of number sense worksheets featuring topics like counting objects, skip counting, performing the four arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, real-life word problems and exclusive place value drills. Additionally, learn the types of numbers like prime and composite, odd and even, Roman numerals and much more. Included here are rounding off and estimation practices as well.

List of Number Sense and Operations Worksheets

Explore the Number Sense and Operations Worksheets in Detail

Number Charts

"A picture speaks a thousand words". The printable number charts in this section provide a visual aid in teaching numbers. Colorful number charts for 1-5, 1-25, 1-50 and 1-100; posters, engaging activities and teacher templates are included here.

Counting Worksheets

Navigate through an array of counting worksheets to count objects, count the pictures and match, count and compare, tracing and coloring pictures, coloring using the code and much more.

Skip Counting Worksheets

Browse through an extensive range of skip counting worksheets to skip count by 2s, 3s up to 12s, skip count to trace the path and more.

Place Value Worksheets

Packed here are a range of worksheets to learn the concept of place values. Abacus, base ten blocks, exercises with place values ranging from ones to billions, standard and expanded form, numbers in words and innumerable engaging activities are incorporated here.

Number Line Worksheets

The assemblage of number line worksheets here is packed with innumerable exercises to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers on a number line, providing a fun tool that comes handy in teaching identification of integers, fractions and decimals on a number line and much more.

Addition Worksheets

Find plenty of visually appealing addition worksheets to count the pictures and add, add numbers with 1-digit, 2-digits, 3-digits to larger numbers with two or more addends; addition squares, charts and tables; properties of addition, word problems and much more in these tailor-made printables.

Subtraction Worksheets

The subtraction worksheets here contain umpteen skills to subtract vertically and horizontally, with and without regrouping, numbers ranging from a single-digit to multi-digit; subtraction using grids, line up subtraction, puzzles, riddles, board games and much more.

Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

Walk through this ensemble of printable addition and subtraction worksheets and develop fluency in performing both the operations. Access fact family worksheets, drills, and review exercises, categorized based on the number of digits!

Multiplication Worksheets

Access these multiplication worksheets comprising a variety of exercises like online practices, drills, multiplication using models, lattice multiplication, multiplication on a number line, in and out boxes to mention a few. Gradually move from the basic to advanced levels of multiplication.

Division Worksheets

Browse through these worksheets that strengthen division skills by providing a wide range of topics like grouping pictures with/without leftovers; writing the division sentence, long division with/without remainders, divisibility rule and much more with varied levels of difficulty.

Multiplication and Division Fact Family

How are multiplication and division related? Gain a thorough knowledge of the facts, delve into fact families, find missing numbers in them, and do a lot more with this set of printable multiplication and division fact family worksheets.

Math Word Problems

Reinforce math concepts learnt by applying them in real-life scenarios. Listed here are innumerable word problems on topics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, Venn diagram and ratio to mention a few.

Comparing Numbers Worksheets

Develop a strong number sense as you compare numbers in these pdf worksheets! Comparing objects and pictures using words and symbols, comparing single-digit to multi-digit numbers are a few tasks here. Explore a multitude with a click on the link!

Ordering Numbers Worksheets

Arrange the numbers in ascending (increasing) or descending (decreasing) order, plug in greater than, less than symbols to compare numbers, and cut and glue activities enclosed here make learning math more fun.

Odd and Even Numbers Worksheets

Included here are worksheets to identify odd and even numbers, group the objects, count and classify as odd/even, complete the series using odd or even numbers to mention a few.

Prime and Composite Numbers Worksheets

These super simple and effective worksheets help recognize prime and composite numbers. Incorporated here are an extensive range of worksheets to identify prime and composite numbers, cut and glue activities, coloring, solving mazes and a lot more!

Roman Numerals Worksheets

Employ the worksheets here to learn Roman numerals. Convert Roman numerals to Arabic and vice-versa; order Roman numerals, add and subtract Roman numerals, reading the Roman clock and much more through a wide range of fun worksheets.

Ordinal Numbers Worksheets

Colorful picture puzzles, cut & glue activities, identifying the position, differentiating between ordinal and cardinal numbers, writing in word form and much more are what these ordinal number worksheets encompass.

Properties Worksheets

This set of properties worksheets aim at identification and implementation of the properties of addition and multiplication like commutative,associative and distributive, finding the inverse, and much more.

Pattern Worksheets

Learn abstract reasoning with this assemblage of pattern worksheets. Develop your sequencing skills by observing the type of pattern like growing or repeating, identifying the change in shape or color, recognizing an increasing or decreasing sequence, and append to the sequence as well.

Rounding Worksheets

Utilize the rounding worksheets here with exercises to round off numbers to the nearest place values ranging from tens to millions; rounding up and down, rounding using a number line to mention a few.

Estimation Worksheets

Learn estimation with this enormous collection of estimation worksheets with topics on estimation of counts, time, money, sum, difference, product and quotient. Also included here are estimating fractions and decimals, rounding whole numbers, fractions, decimals and a lot more.

Number System Conversion Worksheets

Apart from the decimal number system we are familiar with, there are others like the hexadecimal, octal, and binary systems employed in computers, robotics, and other fields. Recognize these and explore the conversion between various number bases with this compilation!

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