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Number System Conversion Worksheets

From robotics to defense to computers, converting from one number system to another never quite fades from the discourse. Perfect the art of converting between the binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal number systems with this assortment of printable number system conversion worksheets! With loads of standard conversion problems and MCQs to embellish your practice, these pdf worksheets on base conversion are exactly what it takes high school students to turn around their conversion fortunes. Access some of these worksheets for free!

List of Number System Conversion Worksheets

Explore our Number System Conversion Worksheets in Detail

Convert between Decimals and Binary Numbers Worksheets

Soak up everything about the algorithms required to convert from decimal to binary notations and binary to decimal notations with this set of number system conversion worksheets!

Convert between Decimals and Octals Worksheets

143 is the octal equivalent of the decimal 99. Does this disconcert the top-notch math champs in the class? Convert numerals from base 10 to base 8 and base 8 to base 10 here, and instantly learn the ropes!

Convert between Decimals and Hexadecimals Worksheets

What's the hexadecimal equivalent of 276610? Ace it and more with this set of worksheets on base conversion! By the way, ACE is the answer to the question as well!

Convert between Binary and Octal Numbers Worksheets

If your high school students are struggling to obtain an octal equivalent to a binary string and a binary equivalent to an octal notation, this batch of printable number system conversion worksheets is a silver lining.

Convert between Binary Numbers and Hexadecimals Worksheets

Gather momentum in decoding binary strings that have a hexadecimal equivalent as well as encoding a hexadecimal value using 0 and 1 with these converting between base-2 and base-16 worksheets.

Convert between Octals and Hexadecimals Worksheets

Zero in on converting between number bases 8 and 16! Employ the powers of 16 and successive division by 8 to convert a hex to octal and the powers of 8 and division by 16 to convert an octal to hex.

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