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Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication worksheets contain several pages over a vast range of topics like tables and charts, multiplication using models, basic multiplication, drills, multiplication properties, lattice multiplication, advanced multiplication and many more.

List of Multiplication Worksheets

Explore the Multiplication Worksheets in Detail

Multiplication Tables and Charts

Free printable multiplication tables and charts are available. Colorful tables are also provided to paste them in your study room.

Multiplication Facts

Multiply numbers from 0 to 12. The numbers are arranged either horizontally or vertically in both and single and mixed digit facts.

Multiplication Models

Improve your knowledge by working on these colorful attractive exercises based on equal groups, arrays, area models and number lines.

Multiplication using a Number Line

Teach young learners the basics of multiplication with our unique collection of number line worksheets. Activities include writing multiplication sentences, drawing hops on the number line, MCQ's and much more are available on this page!

Basic Multiplication

Basic multiplication worksheets on interesting picture multiplication, missing factors, comparing quantities, forming the product and a lot more.

Advanced Multiplication

Challenge your math skills by multiplying numbers from 3-digit to 8-digit. Word problems are also included in these worksheets.

Multiplication Drills

Multiplication drills have 15, 25, 50, 75 and 100 problems per page. Options can be selected from horizontal/vertical and grids/no grids.

Multiplication Word Problems

The students may practically apply the concepts given in the word problems in their day-to-day scenarios to find solutions.

Multiplication Properties

Multiplication properties worksheets include commutative, associative, distributive, identity and inverse properties which are essential for kids.

Multiplication and Division Fact Family

Unravel our multiplication and division fact family worksheets to identify the fact family members, missing members of the fact family, complete multiplication and division facts, fact family houses and more!

Lattice Multiplication

Lattice multiplication is the best method to solve complex problems. Teacher templates are included to create their own worksheets.

In and Out Boxes

According to the given value, enter the input/output in the table to satisfy the rule. This helps students to practice both multiplication and division.

Sample Worksheets