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Number Line Multiplication Worksheets

This compilation of number line worksheets have been meticulously created to help young ones fine tune their skills at multiplication. Click on the link to download these fun-filled worksheets that include reading the number line, indicating hops on the number line, find the missing numbers, solve the multiplication sentence and much more! Use the various download options available for a delightful learning experience!

Draw hops on the number line

Indicate hops on the number line to solve each multiplication equation. Type 1 worksheets contain number lines that range from 0 to 20. Type 2 has numbers displayed in multiples of 2,3 up to 10. Each Type 2 worksheet includes illustrated example.

Number line: Fill in the missing numbers

Observe the hops on the number lines and write down the missing multipliers, multiplicands or products to complete the multiplication sentences. The number line worksheets are categorized into two levels based on the increments on the number line.

Write the multiplication sentences

Interpret the number lines in order to write the correct multiplication sentences. The worksheets have been split into two levels based on the increments.

Multiplication using number line - MCQs

Identify the correct multiplication sentence for each number line featured here. Use the 'Grab 'em all' option to test your comprehension on multiplication. Use the answer key to verify your responses.

Match number lines with multiplication sentences

Pair the multiplication equation on the right column to its equivalent number line on the left. Kids will have truly mastered multiplication with this array of worksheets!

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