Line Plot Worksheets

Line plot worksheets have abundant practice pages to graph the frequency of data in a number line. Interesting and attractive theme based skills are presented for children in these worksheets to make, read, and interpret line plots under four exclusive levels.

Make a Line Plot: Easy

These line plot worksheets have three distinctive themes with colorful pictures to attract children. Make a line plot by counting the items of each kind and plot them to complete the graph.

Make a Line Plot: Moderate

Make a line plot using the set of data tabulated in each worksheet. The number line has been given. Plot the given information to make the graph.

Make a Line Plot: Difficult

Difficult skills have more number of data given. Special themes are used for children to interest them for practice. Carefully plot the data to make the line plot.

Make a Line Plot: Challenging

Encourage children to take up this packet of worksheets for complete practice. Use the given data to make the line plot, label the axis and write a suitable title for the plot.

Interpreting Line Plot: Easy

In these worksheets, every point on the line carries an image. The line plot is shown. Read the plot and answer the questions based on your observations.

Interpreting Line Plot: Moderate

Understand each scenario to interpret the plots in these worksheets. Each sheet has five word problems to check your interpretational skills.

Interpreting Line Plot: Difficult

This exclusive level contains numerous data to be analyzed. Calculate the mean, median, mode, and range of the data represented on the line plot.

Interpreting Line Plot: Challenging

This level is made challenging by giving increments (Key) in these worksheets. Manipulate the key, interpret the plot and use the data to answer the questions.

Make and Interpret: Easy

Read the tabulated data given below each colorful picture. Represent the data on a number line and use the data on the graph to answer the questions.

Make and Interpret: Moderate

Plot the frequency of the data on the number line to make the plot. The data is tabulated in each worksheet. Interpret the line plot and answer the word problems based on it.

Make and Interpret: Difficult

Organize the data and plot them in order on the number line. Understand the frequency of the data to answer the questions given in this section.

Line Plot Activities: Take a Survey

These worksheets are absolutely mind-blowing. Print them all and enjoy taking a survey on the topics given in these pages to become familiar with line plots.

Line Plot Templates

Teachers and parents can use these templates to design their own worksheets. Use themes, scenarios, and/ or surveys which interest your children.

The entire collection of line plot worksheets can be downloaded in a jiffy!