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Graph Worksheets

This page contains a vast collection of graph worksheets that involve reading, interpreting and drawing bar graphs, pie graphs, pictographs and line graphs; identifying and plotting points on coordinate planes, slope worksheets, midpoint formula worksheets, transformation worksheets, symmetry worksheets, graphing inequality worksheets and a lot more.

Bar Graph Worksheets

An extensive collection of bar graph worksheets that cover topics like creating and coloring bar graphs to reading and interpreting bar graphs, double bar graphs, and much more.

Bargraph Worksheets

Pie Graph Worksheets

Read and interpret data on pie graphs or circle graphs, representing data in whole numbers, fractions, and percentages, drawing pie graph, and a lot more.

Pie graph Worksheets

Pictograph Worksheets

Highly interactive worksheets which include cut-paste activities, reading, interpreting, and drawing pictographs, counting and grouping the data and much more.

Pictograph Worksheets

Line Graph Worksheets

Use the line graph worksheets to read, analyze, interpret and compare data. Draw line graphs and double line graphs with an appropriate scale; label the axes, write a title and more.

Line graph Worksheets

Line Plot Worksheets

A plethora of engaging worksheets that incorporates reading, making, and interpreting line plots; finding the mean, median, mode, and range of the data; print and take your own surveys and a lot more.

Line plot Worksheets

Printable Graph Paper and Grid Templates

Download standard and dot graphing papers in colors and sizes of your choice. Choose from templates ranging from 5 by 5 to large-scale grids with or without axes; polar graph paper and more.

Printable Graph Paper

Ordered Pairs & Coordinates

Simple and engaging worksheets that involve identifying ordered pairs, plotting, and joining points on the coordinate planes, identifying quadrants and axes, and a lot more.

Ordered pairs and coordinates Worksheets

Slope Worksheets

Identify the types of slopes, count the rise and run, find the slope using two-point form, slope-intercept formula and the ratio method, graph the line using given slope and much more.

Slope Worksheets

Midpoint Formula Worksheets

These exclusive worksheets involve finding midpoints using number lines and grids, the midpoint formula method, finding midpoints of various shapes, finding endpoints, unknown values and a lot more.

Midpoint Formula Worksheets

Transformation Worksheets

A vast array of topics ranging from slide, flip, and turn worksheets to rotation, translation, and reflection worksheets that involve transformation of points and shapes; and much more.

Transformation Worksheets

Symmetry Worksheets

Symmetry worksheets aid in differentiating between symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes; identifying, counting and drawing lines of symmetry; finding the perimeter of symmetrical shapes and much more.

Symmetry Worksheets

Graphing Inequality Worksheets

An extensive set of worksheets that involve solving and graphing one-step, two-step, and multi-step inequalities worksheets; compound and absolute value inequalities worksheets and a lot more.

Graphing: Inequality Worksheets