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Free Graphing Worksheets

Graphing worksheets are useful for all grades from 2nd grade and up. Very basic and simple graph worksheets help kids to understand how to plot the point, identifying x and y coordinate of a point, figuring out the quadrant on which the point lies on and changes in x any y coordinate for the corresponding quadrants.

Free graphing worksheets from 5th grade and more include identifying shapes by joining the points, finding the area and perimeter enclosed by figure in a graph grid, finding missing coordinate using midpoint, simple questions based on inequality, translation of points and more.

Graphing linear equations worksheets are suitable for grade 6 and up students. Problems based on slope, graphing straight lines, point of intersection and more are provided here.

Plot the Points in the Grid:

Beginners can work on these worksheets. Make sure you plot the given x and y coordinates points on the correct quadrant.

Write the Coordinate Points:

The points in the grid are represented using alphabets. From the plotted points, you are required to fill the x and y coordinates.

Plot the Points and Identify the Quadrants:

Plot the given x and y coordinate points on the grid and identify in which quadrant they lie.

Plot and Identify the Geometric Shape:

Plot the x and y coordinate points on the grid and identify the geometric shape formed.

Area of Geometric Shapes in the Grid:

Watch the geometric shape given in the grid. Find the area of the shape by counting the number of boxes.

Perimeter of Geometric Shapes on the Grid:

Perimeter can be calculated by adding the sides of a figure. Take these worksheets to identify the shape and find its perimeter.

Use Midpoint and Find Missing Coordinate:

Tricky worksheets to test you. Without using the formula of midpoint, find the missing coordinates using the given midpoint.

Questions on Inequality:

Another set of challenging worksheets. Using the points plotted on the grid, answer the questions based on the inequalities.

Translation of Points in the Grid:

Single point is plotted on the grid with different questions. Answer the questions with correct translation of the given point.


Graphing Straight Lines Worksheets

Graphing linear equations worksheets include graphing straight lines using linear equations, identifying slope and intercept of a straight line from the graph, finding point of intersection of lines and other innovative and interesting printable worksheets.

Identify the Slope:

Watch where the straight line meets the corner of any box and count the raise and run. Then apply the slope formula to find the slope of a straight line. Lines parallel to x-axis has slope zero and parallel to y-axis has undefined slope.

Positive Slope or Negative Slope or Neither:

Set of straight lines are given in these slope worksheets. Identify whether the slopes are positive, negative or neither. Remember, striaght lines with zero and undefined slopes are considered as neither.

Equation of Straight Line Worksheets:

Graph of straight lines are provided in graphing sheets. Find the slope and y-intercept of a line and write the equation in slop-intercept form.

Intercept Worksheets:

Graph straight lines by converting linear equations into slope-intercept form and then identify x-intercept and y-intercept.

Point of Intersection Worksheets:

These graphing linear equation worksheets are really challenging because of two linear equations provided in non-standard form. Graph the equations and find the point of intersection of straight lines.


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