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Geometry Worksheets

Geometry worksheets contain exclusive pages on several geometry topics. Each topic has a lot of worksheets to reinforce the knowledge in particular domain.

2D Shapes Worksheets

Shapes worksheets contain tracing and coloring basic shapes, identifying different shapes, matching names, labeling, counting sides and corners, printable charts and more.

Straight Line Worksheets

Straight line worksheets include drawing ray, line and line segment, identifying parallel and perpendicular lines, finding length and midpoint of line segment and more.

Area Worksheets

Use formula or concepts to find the area of basic shapes. Also contain elementary worksheets in finding area by counting grids and unit squares.

Triangle Worksheets

Printable triangle worksheets contain classifying types, Pythagorean Theorem, missing angles, finding perimeter, area and more.

Quadrilateral Worksheets

Quadrilateral worksheets contain identifying types, area and perimeter, finding missing angles, simple algebra based questions and more.

Circle Worksheets

Circle worksheets contain finding radius, diameter, circumference and area, arc length, classifying parts of a circle and more.

Surface Area Worksheets

Find the surface area of three-dimensional figures. Use appropriate formula to solve the problems.

Graphing Worksheets

Graphing worksheets contain plotting points, identifying quadrants, coordinates and more.

3D Shapes Worksheets

Solid shapes worksheets contain recognizing 2D and 3D shapes, compare shapes with real life objects, labeling prisms and pyramids, counting faces, edges and vertices, solid nets and more.

Slope Worksheets

Slope worksheets contain identifying positive and negative slope, finding rise and run; find slope using slope-intercept form, two-point form, ratio method and more.

Perimeter Worksheets

Find perimeter for quadrilaterals, triangles, circles, polygons and other irregular shapes. Also contain drawing shapes with the given perimeter.

Rectangle Worksheets

Rectangle worksheets contain finding area, perimeter, length, width and diagonal. Various difficulty levels included.

Polygon Worksheets

Polygon worksheets contain recognizing concave, convex, regular and irregular polygons, interior and exterior angles, area, perimeter and more.

Angle Worksheets

Angle worksheets contain measuring angles, supplementary and complementary angles, angle between parallel and transversal lines and more.

Volume Worksheets

Find the volume of cube, prism, cylinder, cone, sphere, pyramid and more.

Scale Factor Worksheets

Scale factor worksheets feature skills like enlarging or reducing shapes, scale factor of similar figures, dilation and more.