Subtraction Worksheets

With a hard to beat versatility, our printable subtraction worksheets are just the resource you need to lay a strong foundation in subtracting numbers. A massive cache of subtraction problems that help kids in kindergarten through grade 4, gradually upgrade from subtraction using pictures, to subtracting numbers without regrouping, and subsequently practice subtracting numbers with regrouping or borrowing, all the while toggling between column and horizontal subtraction. Watch your kid transcend from a novice to a master and apply subtraction across domains efficiently. Get practicing slam-bang with our free subtraction worksheets and come back for more!

List of Subtraction Worksheets

Explore the Subtraction Worksheets in Detail

Subtraction Tables and Charts

Get the first step right in subtracting numbers with our subtraction tables and charts available in color and printer-friendly versions. Use the blank charts and tables to boost a young learner's skill at subtraction.

Picture Subtraction Facts

Transport kindergarten kids to a world of enchanting pictures with our printable subtracting numbers worksheets. With the subtraction facts at their finger tips, your little ones can boast off their subtraction skills.

Subtraction Facts

This series of pdf worksheets on subtracting numbers provides children with elementary subtraction facts from 0 to 9 in both column and horizontal formats. Don't miss out on the mixed subtraction facts and teacher templates!

Subtraction with Pictures

Spark interest in your kindergarten and grade 1 kids with these vibrantly illustrated pictures. Activities like count and subtract, cross out and count, dice subtraction, etc., are sure to keep kids thoroughly engaged!

Subtraction using Number Lines

With a penchant for practical models, kids visualize subtraction using the number lines instantly. Hop your way to the answer in these engrossing activities with number lines ranging from 0 to 5, 0 to 10 and 0 to 20.

Subtraction up to 5

Get ready for some head-tripping practice in subtracting numbers up to 5 with these subtraction worksheets. Break away from boring exercises and let kindegarten and 1st grade kids try finding the difference with these fun subtraction problems.

Subtraction up to 10

Augment skills in subtracting numbers as you tread one more rung up the subtraction ladder with this stack of pdf worksheets. A multitude of engaging subtraction exercises makes the entire set a compulsive-print.

Subtraction up to 20

A layer of renewed practice lies in store for your kids in grade 1 and grade 2 with this set of printable subtraction worksheets packed with vibrant theme-based worksheets enabling kids to grasp subtraction concepts easily.

2-Digit minus 1-Digit Subtraction

Shape up skills in subtracting numbers with nuance, range, and accuracy as you walk your 2nd grade kids through these worksheets helping them find the difference between double-digit and single-digit numbers.

Subtraction with 100

Work up an enthusiasm for subtracting 2-digit numbers and introduce young mathematicians of grade 2 to the concept of take away/borrowing with this bundle of subtraction with and without regrouping worksheet pdfs.

3-Digit Subtraction

Think of these subtracting numbers worksheets as an opportunity for young learners to develop their regrouping skills with 3-digit numbers. Keep the children busy with activities like finding the missing digits, circling the numbers and much more!

Subtracting Large Numbers

Children in grade 4 leap ahead with this vast collection of pdf worksheets on subtraction that involve finding the differences of multi-digit numbers ranging from 4-digit to 7-digit. Bring in a piece of real-world with our word problems.

Subtraction Drills

How quick are your 3rd grade and 4th grade kids at solving subtraction problems? Check out for yourself as they take up these timed subtraction drills featuring single-digit, 2-digit and 3-digit numbers exhibiting their speed and accuracy.

Subtraction Word Problems

Beat the monotony of subtracting numbers, and comprehend real-life application with a multitude of word problems. Instruct kids in grade 1 and above to read the problem, look for the keywords that flag off a subtraction problem, and they'll be good to go!

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Here's presenting a world of realistic situations to practice and review skills easily. Page through our pdf worksheets on addition and subtraction through word problems and build a cohesive understanding on the two fundamental operations.

Subtraction Across Zeros

Does a zero in a subtraction problem scare you? Exude spades of practice for your grade 2 and grade 3 kids with this batch of subtraction worksheets involving problems that include zeros in the minuends or in both numbers and get over the hurdles.

Subtraction Board Games

Spinners, Stepping Stones, Snakes and Ladders, and Subtract-o-Poly; do these ring a bell? Subtracting numbers can't get more fun than this. Kids learn while playing and develop intellect and skill parameters.

Subtraction using Grids

Grid papers solve issues that arise while lining up numbers. Draw on these diligently drafted subtraction worksheets to augment the skills of kids in grade 3 and grade 4. Add on to the fun quotient with colorful templates.

Addition and Subtraction Fact Family

Bolster skills in identifying the sets of numbers that make up a fact family, find the missing members, write the addition and subtraction facts. Included here are blank templates as well.

Mixed Addition and Subtraction

Addition and subtraction together on a page can be chaotic. Perfect the dynamics of adding and subtracting numbers in column and horizontal formats and review your 3rd and 4th grade kid's prowess at solving them with this bunch of pdfs.

Estimating Sums and Differences

Supercharge your knowledge in estimating the difference by rounding the numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, or ten thousand. Subsequently, grade 3 kids can try their hands at front-end estimation as well.

In and Out Boxes

Ease into subtraction with this assemblage of printable subtraction worksheets featuring interesting exercises like applying the rule to complete the output box, observing the in and out columns to write the rule and more.

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