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Subtraction Worksheets

Subtraction worksheets contain exclusive pages on subtraction facts, subtraction tables, charts, in-out boxes, word problems and more. It also contains picture subtraction, drills, subtraction with both borrowing and no borrowing, subtracting large numbers, subtraction across zero and more.

Exclusive Worksheets (NEW)

0-5 subtraction (18 Worksheets) | 0-10 subtraction (36 Worksheets)

0-20 subtraction (30 Worksheets) | 2-digit subtraction (33 Worksheets)

Subtraction Facts Worksheets

Basic subtraction facts include the addends up to 18 and the differences up to 9.

Subtraction using Number Lines

Number line worksheets help the kids understand how to subtract numbers.

Subtraction Word Problems

Practice these subtraction word problems to understand how it is applied.

Subtraction: Squares, Charts, Tables

This section includes printable subtraction tables, colorful charts and magic squares.

In and Out Boxes

For the input values, fill in the output values by following the subtraction rule.

Mixed Addition and Subtraction

Mixed worksheets include both addition and subtraction in each worksheet.

Basic Subtraction Worksheets

Picture Subtraction Worksheets

These worksheets are suitable for preschool and kindergarten kids. Use cancellation method to learn subtraction.

Picture Subtraction Worksheets

Picture Subtraction Worksheets 1

Picture Subtraction Worksheets 2

Simple Subtraction Drill

Subtraction drill worksheets include 50 questions in column and horizontal form. Difference between the numbers varies from 0 to 9.

Subtraction Drills

Subtraction Drill: Column 1

Subtraction Drill: Column 2

Subtraction Drill: Horizontal 1

Subtraction Drill: Horizontal 2

2-digit minus single-digit

Basic subtraction worksheets with single-digit and two-digit numbers. Both borrowing and no borrowing included.

2-Digit Minus Single-Digit: Practice Sheet 1

2-Digit Minus Single-Digit: Practice Sheet 2

Intermediate Subtraction Worksheets

2-digit minus 2-digit

Separate worksheets included for regrouping and no regrouping numbers.

Column Subtraction:

2-Digit Column Subtraction: No Regroup 1

2-Digit Column Subtraction: No Regroup 2

2-Digit Minus 2-Digit: Regroup 1

2-Digit Minus 2-Digit: Regroup 2

Horizontal Subtraction:

2-Digit Horizontal Subtraction: No Regrouping

2-Digit Horizontal Subtraction: Regrouping

3-digit minus 2-digit

Subtract 2-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers.

Subtraction Worksheet 1

Subtraction Worksheet 2

3-digit minus 3-digit

Subtract between 3-digit numbers.

Subtraction Practice 1

Subtraction Practice 2

Advanced Subtraction Worksheets

Advanced subtraction worksheets in this section include subtraction from 4-digit, 5-digit, 6-digit and 7-digit numbers.

Subtracting from 4-digit numbers

4-digit minus 2-digit

4-digit minus 3-digit

4-digit minus 4-digit

Subtracting from 5-digit numbers

5-digit minus 3-digit

5-digit minus 4-digit

5-digit minus 5-digit

Subtracting large numbers

6-digit minus 4,5,6-digit

7-digit minus 5,6,7-digit

Subtraction across Zeros

The worksheets in this section help kids to learn subtraction with borrowing across zeros.

Subtracting from 100's

Borrowing Worksheet 1

Borrowing Worksheet 2

Subtracting from 1000's

Borrowing Worksheet 3

Borrowing Worksheet 4

Subtract across zeros: Advanced

Subtract from 10000

Subtract from 100000

Subtract from 1000000

Interactive Subtraction Activities

This section includes interactive subtraction activities such as identifying missing number, missing digits, match the difference, balance the equation and more.

Identify the Missing Number

Find out what number to be subtracted to get the difference.

Subtraction Worksheets

Missing Number - Easy

Missing Number - Hard

Identify the Missing Digit

Identify the missing digits that would bring the difference.

Column Subtraction - Missing Digits

Missing Digit - Practice Sheet 1

Missing Digit - Practice Sheet 2

Balance the Equation

Identify the missing number that would balance the subtraction equation.

Subtraction Problems: Balancing Equations

Easy Level:

Simple Subtraction Equation - 1

Simple Subtraction Equation - 2

Hard Level:

Balancing Subtraction Equation - 1

Balancing Subtraction Equation - 2

Match the Exact Numbers

The subtraction problems include 2 columns with 4 numbers in each column. Match the numbers with the same difference.

Matching the Numbers 1

Matching the Numbers 2

Circle out the Perfect Difference

Pick any two numbers in certain range from the list of four numbers.

Find out the difference 1

Find out the difference 2

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