Place Value Worksheets

A vast compilation of printable worksheets on place value can be instantly downloaded from this page. You can find multiple place value activities, charts, posters and practice worksheets to reinforce your place value skills. Abacus and Base Ten Blocks are excellent teaching tools to review the key concepts of place value. Students also learn to represent whole numbers and decimals in the standard and expanded form.

List of Place Value Worksheets

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Abacus Worksheets

One of the best instructional aids to help kids count and learn place value of numbers is the Abacus method. All worksheets presented here employ the abacus model to represent place values up to 4-digits.

Bundles of Tens and Ones Worksheets

Impart foundational knowledge of place value among early learners with these bundles of tens and ones worksheets. They count the objects, sticks, and shapes, and discern tens as a group of ten ones.

Base Ten Blocks Worksheets

These worksheets reinforce knowledge in place values up to thousands with the use of base ten blocks. A perfect visual aid to learn place value of digits.

Number Names Worksheets

This exclusive page contains 400+ worksheets on Number Names ranging up to billions. Guide young learners to convert whole numbers to number names and vice versa.

Place Value Charts

Download and print place value posters and charts from this page. The charts are illustrated with vibrant pictures and are classified into place values ranging from tens to billions.

Place Value - Ones, Tens, Hundreds

This array of worksheets comprises a wide range of exercises like identify the place value of digits up to hundreds, write equivalent place values, MCQ's, 'What number am I' and a lot more!

Place Value - Thousands

Download our worksheets and get students to determine the place value of the specified digit up to thousands. Exercises like frame the smallest and largest number and much more are up for grabs!

Place Value - Large Numbers

Access our worksheets to learn place value of large numbers up to 12-digits. Activities like insert commas, write the place value of the underlined digit, word problems and more are included here.

Place Value Activities

Use this set of interactive worksheets to learn subtraction the fun way! Find the place value of the specified digit with a variety of coloring and cut-and-glue activities that will also enhance a child's fine motor skills.

Place Value - Decimals

Assist students to understand the place value of digits in a decimal with this batch of ready-to-print worksheets. Well-researched word problems are also incorporated to grasp the concept better.

Standard and Expanded Form Worksheets

Select from a wide range of resources on standard and expanded form for whole numbers and decimals. Exclusive worksheets are included for word form, product form and exponential form.

Sample Worksheets