Thousands Place Value Worksheets

Get students in grade 3 and grade 4 to expand their knowledge on place values up to hundred thousands with this assemblage of printable thousands place value worksheets. The pdf exercises here include determining the value of underlined digits, framing the largest and smallest numbers possible, word problems and a lot more! Click on the free icon to take a peek at our print-ready worksheets!

Identify the Place Values

Identify the place value

The worksheets feature 4-digit, 5-digit and 6-digit numbers. Determine the place value of the numbers in the thousands and record your answers in the boxes provided. Word problem included.

Equivalent Place Values

Write the equivalent place value

Insert equivalent place value to balance out the equations given in these printable worksheets for grade 3 and grade 4. Verify your responses with the answer keys provided.

Rewrite numbers

Rewrite numbers in expanded place value form

Observe each number. Based on the formats provided, transform the numbers into expanded place value form. Click on the 'Download the set' button to access all worksheets under this section.

Underlined Digits

Find the place value of the underlined digits

Ascertain the place value of the digits highlighted for each number in this set of pdf worksheets. Represent your answers in either number form or word form. Answer the simple, fact-based word problems featured here.

Specified Digits

Identify the place value of the specified digits

Determine the place value for a specific digit for each series of numbers featured here. Download each print-ready worksheet that comprises six sets of numbers in thousands.


Place values: MCQs

Pick up the correct answer based on the digit and the place value specified for each question. These thousands place value worksheets are sure to bring a student's analytical skills to the fore.

Largest and Smallest numbers

Write the largest and smallest numbers

Reorder the digits featured here to come up with the largest and smallest thousands possible. A number of simple word problems are also incorporated in these pdf worksheets.

What Number am I?

What number am I?

Clues are given in the form of place values. Get 3rd grade and 4th grade students to read and analyze them to unravel the mystery numbers.