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Function Worksheets

Function worksheets in this page contain finding domain and range from the list of ordered pairs and graph; function tables; plotting points and graphing function; composition of two or more functions.

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Domain and Range

Ordered Pair

List out the domain and range from ordered pairs in each problem.

Domain and Range

Standard 1 | Standard 2 | Standard 3

Domain and Range from Graph

Identify the domain and range for each graph. The graphs shown in each worksheet may be or may not be a function.

Graph: Domain and Range


Graph 1 | Graph 2 | Graph 3 | Grab 'em All


Graph 1 | Graph 2 | Graph 3 | Grab 'em All

Function Table

Basic In-Out Boxes

Basic function worksheets contain finding input or output of the function table following addition, subtraction, multiplication or division rule.

Input and Output Tables

Function Table

For each function, find out the output values for the corresponding input values.

Function Table

Easy:Sheet 1 | Sheet 2

Moderate:Sheet 1 | Sheet 2

Difficult:Sheet 1 | Sheet 2

Super Table

Each worksheet has list of inputs and the functions in a single table. Find the outputs to complete each super table.

Super Function Table

Easy:Sheet 1 | Sheet 2

Moderate:Sheet 1 | Sheet 2

Difficult:Sheet 1 | Sheet 2

Linear / Non-linear Function

These worksheets require students to determine whether each function is linear or nonlinear by observing the exponent of the variable. Employ the answer keys to verify your responses.

Linear / Non-linear function

Sheet 1 | Sheet 2 | Sheet 3

Graphing Function

Function/Not a Function

For each question, put tick in the correct box that best describes each graph. Hint to solve: Apply vertical line test.

Identifying Function/not a Function

Identify 1 | Idenify 2 | Identify 3

Graphing Linear Function

Each worksheet has nine problems graphing linear function. Complete the function table, plot the points and graph the line. It contains 18 exclusive worksheets.

Graphing Linear Function Worksheets

Graphing Linear Function Worksheets

Graphing Quadratic Function

These worksheets encircles topics like identifying zeros from the graph, graphing the quadratic function, and more! Recapitulate your perception with properties of quadratic function worksheets.

Graphing Quadratic Function

Graphing Quadratic Function Worksheets

Composition of Function

Find the composition of two or three functions. Each worksheet contains 10 practice problems. Answer the correct choice that best describes each composition.

Composition of Two Functions

Composition of 2 functions

Easy 1 | Easy 2 | Moderate 1 | Moderate 2

Composition of Three Functions

Composition of 3 functions

Easy 1 | Easy 2 | Medium 1 | Medium 2

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