Printable Rectangle Worksheets

Obtain this plethora of worksheets on rectangles, catering to the needs of preschool through grade 8 children. The rectangles worksheets here feature a multitude of topics such as recognizing rectangles, worksheets on squares and PDFs to calculate the area and perimeter of rectangles. Comprehend the properties of rectangles and solve algebraic expressions to determine the dimensions and angles of the rectangles too.

List of Rectangles Worksheets

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Squares Worksheets

Employ this collection of square worksheets that comprise exercises like recognizing the squares, finding the diagonal measure using the side length and determining the side length using the given diagonal measure. Gain ample practice in finding the area and the perimeter of squares as well.

Recognizing Rectangles Worksheets

This set of fun activities, assists preschool and kindergarten kids in recognizing rectangles. Included here are PDFs to identify, trace, color and draw rectangles. Strengthen skills with exercises such as count the number of rectangles in a given picture and solve mazes by coloring rectangles to trace the path.

Properties of Rectangles Worksheets

Focusing on the properties of rectangles, this assemblage of worksheets consists of charts stating the properties of rectangles and skills to figure out the length and width of rectangles. Determine the length of the diagonal using the side lengths, find the length or width with the diagonal measure and a lot more.

Perimeter of Rectangles Worksheets

This batch of tailor-made worksheets on the perimeter of rectangles covers topics like find the perimeter of a rectangle with integer, decimal and fraction dimensions, calculate the perimeter involving unit conversion, work out the perimeter of rectilinear shapes, find the diagonal measure, to mention a few.

Area of Rectangles Worksheets

The area of rectangles worksheets feature myriad skills like counting the squares, finding the area of a rectangle with dimensions given as integers, decimals and fractions involving unit conversions, finding the perimeter from the area, calculating the area of rectilinear shapes and rectangular paths and more.

Algebra in Rectangles Worksheets

Simplify the algebraic expressions to find the length or width of the rectangles. Determine the length of the diagonal and compute the perimeter and area of rectangles with dimensions presented as algebraic expressions, find 'x' by solving algebraic equations in vertex angles and angles between diagonals too.

Area of Rectangles Word Problems Worksheets

Explore this multitude of area of rectangles word problems worksheets disposed in the word format. Learners are required to solve exercises like finding the area of rectangles, finding length or width of rectangles, rectangular paths and much more.

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