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Perimeter Worksheets

This page contains a lot of perimeter worksheets spread across five topics such as triangle, rectangle, quadrilateral, polygon and circumference of a circle. It also contains finding perimeter of rectangular shapes and irregular shapes from the grid and finding perimeter of irregular shapes with given measures.

Perimeter of Triangle

Count all the sides and find the perimeter of a triangle. It contains three types of triangles equilateral, isosceles and scalene.

Perimeter of Rectangle

Implement this set of worksheets to find perimeter involving decimals, integers and fractions, perimeter of rectilinear shapes and more.

Perimeter of Square

This multitude of worksheets provide practice to find the perimeter of squares, find the side length using perimeter, diagonal using perimeter and more.

Perimeter of Polygon

It contains worksheets in finding the perimeter of regular and irregular polygons, finding the side length from perimeter.

Circumference of Circle

Find the circumference of a circle with the given radius or diameter. It also contains finding circumference from area.

Perimeter of Quadrilateral

It contains a lot of worksheets in finding perimeter of all types of quadrilaterals such as parallelogram, kite, trapezoid and rhombus.

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Select the Measurement Units

Perimeter Using Grid: Scale - 1 inch

Find the perimeter of a rectangular grid by counting squares with sides measure one inch.

Counting Grid - Easy Level

Easy 1 | Easy 2 | Easy 3

Perimeter Using Grid: Different Scale

Each worksheet has 12 problems finding perimeter of rectangular grid. The scale differs for each grid.

Counting Grids - Medium Level

Moderate 1 | Moderate 2 | Moderate 3

Counting Squares: Irregular Shapes

Each irregular shape is a group of small squares with same measures for all sides. Count the corner of the squares and find the perimeter.

Counting Squares

Counting 1 | Counting 2 | Counting 3 | Counting 4

Drawing Shapes from Perimeter

Draw any closed shape in each grid with the given perimeter. For the last three questions, students supposed to draw different shapes with the same perimeter.

Drawing Shapes

Drawing 1 | Drawing 2 | Drawing 3

Perimeter of Irregular Shapes

Count the length of the sides and find the perimeter of each irregular shape.

Perimeter Worksheets

Irregular 1 | Irregular 2 | Irregular 3