Printable Perimeter Worksheets

Equip students of grade 3 through grade 8 with the best source of printable perimeter worksheets to strengthen their practice. The step-by-step approach assists students in mastering the concept with ease. Beginning with finding the perimeter using grids followed by determining the perimeter of 2D shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, rhombuses, kites, quadrilaterals, polygons and circumference of circles; the worksheets provide a complete package, making them your often go-to tool.

List of Perimeter Worksheets

Explore the Perimeter Worksheets in Detail

Perimeter using Grids

Introduce the concept of finding the perimeter using grids with this unit of worksheets. Find the perimeter of the shapes on the grids with fixed and varying scales, draw shapes on grids using the given perimeter, compare the perimeter of shapes on grids and match them as well.

Perimeter of Squares Worksheets

Focusing on finding the perimeter of squares, the worksheets here provide adequate practice in finding the perimeter of squares with integer, decimal and fraction dimensions, learn to find the diagonal and the side length using the perimeter and much more. Assess conceptual knowledge with the word problems.

Perimeter of Rectangles Worksheets

Boost the ability of students with this set of 60+ perimeter of rectangles worksheets. Included here are PDFs on finding the perimeter of rectangles with varied types of dimensions involving unit conversions. Find the perimeter of rectilinear shapes, determine the length of the diagonal and more.

Perimeter of Triangles Worksheets

Compute the perimeter of equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles whose dimensions involve integers, decimals and fractions. Determine the measure of the sides using the perimeter and solve word problems too; employing this set of tailor-made PDF worksheets.

Perimeter of Parallelograms Worksheets

Prep-up students with this array of 35+ perimeter of parallelograms worksheets comprising skills like finding the perimeter of parallelograms involving varied dimension types, convert to specified units, determine the missing dimensions by solving algebraic expressions and more.

Perimeter of Trapezoids Worksheets

Calculate the perimeter of the trapezoids whose dimensions are expressed as integers and decimals. Determine the length of the missing base or leg and find the side lengths by solving the algebraic expressions as well.

Perimeter of Rhombus Worksheets

Figure out the perimeter of a rhombus with this batch of worksheets offering myriad exercises like determine the perimeter of a rhombus presented as geometrical shapes and in word format and learn to determine the length of the side too.

Perimeter of Kites Worksheets

Work out this batch of printable worksheets to determine the perimeter of kites, simplifying algebraic expressions to find the indicated sides using the perimeter and much more.

Perimeter of Quadrilaterals Worksheets

Obtain this set of 50+ worksheets to practice skills on computing the perimeter of quadrilaterals involving integers and decimal measures. Comprehend the congruent property, solve equations to determine the side lengths and more.

Circumference of a Circle Worksheets

Incorporate this assemblage of circumference of a circle worksheets, featuring adequate skills such as finding the circumference using the radius or diameter or vice versa.

Perimeter of Polygons Worksheets

Bolster practice with this set of worksheets on finding the perimeter of polygons. Determine the perimeter of regular and irregular polygons with dimensions involving integers, decimals and linear expressions, find the side length using the perimeter, and a lot more.

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