Perimeter using Grids Worksheets

This compilation of printable worksheets on perimeter using grids for kids of grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5, comprises practice PDFs to find the perimeter of rectangular and rectilinear shapes on grids with fixed and varying scales. Included here are skills like drawing shapes based on the indicated perimeter, comparing the perimeters of shapes on grids and matching shapes with the same perimeter and much more. Free worksheets are also included.

Select the Measurement Units

Perimeter of Rectangular Grids | Fixed Scale

Familiarize 3rd grade kids with the concept of finding perimeters using grids with this batch of worksheets; consisting of grid units of scale 1. Compute the perimeter by counting the unit lengths along the boundary of each rectangular grid.

  • pdf 1
  • pdf 2
  • pdf 3

Perimeter of Rectangular Grids | Varying Scales

Each rectangular grid presented in this array of perimeter worksheet pdfs comprises a specific scale. Count the unit lengths along the outline of the grid and multiply it with the given scale to compute the perimeter.

  • printable 1
  • printable 2
  • printable 3

Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes

Figure out the perimeter of irregular or rectilinear shapes with this unit of printable perimeter using grids worksheets. Direct kids to count the unit lengths along the boundary of the irregular shapes to find the perimeter.

  • practice 1
  • practice 2
  • practice 3

Draw Shapes for the given Perimeter

Draw any shapes on the grid based on the specified perimeter in this interesting set of worksheets for kids of grade 3 and grade 4.

  • worksheet 1
  • worksheet 2
  • worksheet 3

Compare the Perimeter of the Shapes

Compare each pair of grids comprising a rectangular and a rectilinear shape; by working out the perimeter of each shape. Fill in the boxes with appropriate comparison operators <, > or = to Complete the worksheet for 4th grade and 5th grade children.

  • exercise 1
  • exercise 2
  • exercise 3

Match shapes with the same Perimeter

Compute the perimeter of each figure presented in this collection of perimeter using grids pdf worksheets. Match the rectangular and rectilinear shapes with the same perimeters.

  • pdf 1
  • pdf 2
  • pdf 3