Profit and Loss Worksheets

Cha-ching! Make the profit-and-loss math buoyant with our printable profit and loss worksheets! Explore how in real life people gain or lose money when they buy or sell, as the grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 students stay focused to add or subtract the prices and calculate the profit percentage and loss percentage in our pdf resources. Profit from our free profit or loss worksheets whose winnings include terms like profit, profit percent, loss, loss percent, cost price, and selling price. Draw on the several everyday scenarios where money never ceases to ring!

Finding the Profit Amount or Loss Amount

Our calculating profit and loss worksheets abound in money workout. Practice finding the profit amount or loss amount, choosing the correct options to answer MCQs, and solving word problems.

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Finding the Cost Price or Selling Price

Gaining all-round wisdom in money is a long shot, but these pdfs where 6th grade and 7th grade learners find the cost price or selling price with the other price and the profit/loss given are right on the money.

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Finding the Profit Percent / Loss Percent

Money is not always synonymous with gain; we sometimes lose too! Find the profit percentage and loss percentage by using the formula: Profit % = (profit / cost price) x 100 and Loss % = (loss / lost price) x 100.

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Finding Cost Prices/Selling Prices Using Profit Percent/Loss Percent

With the 3 tasks in our printable profit or loss worksheets, grade 7 and grade 8 students get to triple their learning parameters! Calculate the cost/selling price, answer MCQs, and solve word problems.

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Finding Profit or Profit Percent/Loss or Loss Percent - Word Problems

Watch the students corner the market as they become experts in money matters! Get a bunch of word problems teaching them how to calculate the gain, loss, gain percent, or loss percent using the appropriate formula.

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Finding the Cost Price/Selling Price - Word Problems

Leah purchased a jacket for $78. She spent $5 to have the jacket covered in sequins. How much should she sell the jacket for so she gains a profit of $8? Answer many such interesting word problems.

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