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Financial Literacy Worksheets

A penny saved is a penny earned! Our pdf financial literacy worksheets vibrantly complement the child's all-round development! Money awareness is a key life skill to be taught to students in the 4th grade through high school so they learn to manage money on their own and early on. Accelerate children's financial education with tasks like writing checks, finding profit and loss, and calculating interest. Our printable worksheets address the whole gamut of topics in financial literacy. Try some worksheets for free!

List of Financial Literacy Worksheets

Explore the Financial Literacy Worksheets in Detail

Writing Checks

Cash isn't necessarily always king! There are times when we need to pay with checks. Train grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 children to get proficient in writing checks with our effective resources.

Profit and Loss

A savvy spender is someone who spends their money wisely! Few things fuel our collection of pdf worksheets on profit and loss more greatly than our desire to foster in children a habit of not spending beyond their means.


Discount is perhaps the most tempting of all words that ring in the circle of financial literacy! Build financial responsibility with our economic education worksheets. Know the discount rate and discount amount.

Sales Tax

The repertoire of the 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade students would be ill-equipped without our printable money math worksheets on sales tax. New financial terms, real-life scenarios, and more!

Simple Interest

Financial planning is an art in which very few people excel! Access to our no-prep, printable tools means students will now calculate simple interest with insight and evolve into well-informed money users.

Compound Interest

Let grade 8 and high school students grow their money awareness using our financial education resources. Provide comprehensive practice through lots of exercises involving compound interest.

Sample Worksheets