Position Worksheets for Kindergarten

Our printable position worksheets are the things your kindergarten kids need, if you intend to lay a strong foundation to spatial math concepts or to enhance vocabulary. Corralled in these pdfs are engaging exercises interspersed with words that we use in our day-to-day conversations to point out directions and to describe the placement of things, people, and shapes relative to them and to the other objects. Spatial skills have proven to transfer into mathematical abilities, and these worksheets will help you with a hefty slice of practice to develop them. Our free position worksheets for kindergarten are your ticket to a great start.

List of Position Worksheets for Kindergarten

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Inside and Outside Worksheets

Work on developing spatial skills as you walk your little ones through the exercises packed with illustrations depicting the placement of objects inside and outside in our printable position worksheets for kindergarten.

Left and Right Worksheets

Encourage kids to use gestures when practicing the two spatial words and don't forget to play "Simon Says". The visually appealing exercises help children practice right and left discrimination with an enormous collection of engaging activities to identify the two.

Above and Below Worksheets

Administer this battery of tasks that are sure to improve positional awareness in kids and help them comprehend the meaning of the words above and below and learn to use them appropriately with our positional words worksheet pdfs.

Top and Bottom Worksheets

With the greatest likelihood of helping kids identify the two positions top and bottom, our exercises are a perfect blend of fun and learning. Whether it's checking or crossing, tracing, drawing, or coloring, we have them all for your little math nerds.

Front and Behind Worksheets

Develop the ability to visually perceive two or more objects in relation to each other in this collection of position and direction worksheets. Identifying the objects that are in front of or behind, other objects is all kids need to do as they skim through these activities.

Near and Far Worksheets

Being able to tell how far objects are from you and from each other is another skill that involves visual-spatial processing that kindergarten kids will practice using our printable positional words worksheets comprising a collection of visually appealing exercises that are bound to hold the attention of kids.

Beside and Next to Worksheets

Next in line in this collection are a unique set of worksheets that specifically focus on a synonymous pair of words: beside and next to that define the placement of an object. With activities like drawing, coloring, cut and glue there'll be no dearth of practice material.

Before and After Worksheets

What goes before and what comes after are the two concepts that kids will understand, learn to differentiate, and use them in the correct context with our pdfs encompassing a variety of interesting exercises to bolster the ability to give and follow directions and to sequence the information.

Up and Down Worksheets

Encourage kids to demonstrate their knowledge of the two opposite words: up and down by pointing to or verbally expressing themselves by answering questions, or by following directions presented in these printable worksheets and eventually develop math skills.

Over and Under Worksheets

Cultivate early literacy skills as kindergarten kids point out to objects over and under other objects and distinguish between the two words as they make stride after stride through our directional and positional words worksheet pdfs.

Sample Worksheets