Over and Under Worksheets

Which bird is flying over the tree? And which one is under it? Kids prove their mettle in a string of printable over and under worksheets that aim to teach the meaning and use of these two important positional words. Here’s the crux of the matter: we use "over" when something is above or higher than something else, and we use "under" when something is below or lower than something else. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 kids, this pdf collection makes exciting practice material for in-class or at-home use. Let not kids be in a spot of bother using the two words: over and under. Make headway with our free over and under worksheets.

Tracing the Words Over and Under

Here's some fantastic practice of "over" and "under" in the form of a cute tracing and coloring activity. Preschool and kindergarten students trace the two words, and then they correctly color the balls over and under the table.

Is the Puppy Over or Under the Object?

Position is where something is in relation to another. Helping kids ease into the concept of "over" and "under" is a cute puppy that is sometimes over and other times under certain objects. Check the correct answers.

Circling Objects That Are Over or Under

Identifying "over" and "under" assumes more gaiety and fervor in this pdf worksheet, with a host of objects that are over or under certain other objects. Let preschool kids circle the objects that lie under or over.

Underlining Over or Under

Part of the beauty of our world is the unique positioning of its things with certain things under or over others, as in this printable exercise. Underline "over" or "under" as appropriate in each description below.

Cut and Glue Activity | Over and Under

Watch your practice of positioning dive deep into the oceans and soar up above in the skies- both at the same time! In this cut and glue activity, kindergarten and grade 1 kids look at each object and glue it over or under the ship.

Over or Under? | Checking Yes or No

Exemplary students leave no stone unturned in accomplishing a mission they've long been working on! The sentence describes the position of an object in each picture; check yes if it’s true and no if it’s not.

Completing Sentences with Over or Under

Put your positional chops to full play as you answer this pdf worksheet! There’s an image under the main object and another over it. Complete the sentences with one of the key words: over and under.

Find Which Block Is Over or Under

At the heart of every pdf worksheet is our wish to help you grasp the concept with utter ease. A set of blocks - all painted with different colors - are piled one upon another. Find which block is over or under another.

Draw Objects Over and Under the Tree

Drawing and coloring is a pastime that fascinates children of all ages. In this 1st grade printable over and under worksheet, we urge kids to draw the specified things over the tree and some things under it.