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Front and Behind Worksheets

Get the wheel turning with our printable front and behind worksheets, if inspiration hasn't struck you yet. Develop language and spatial awareness in preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 kids, as they learn to define the relationship not only between us and the objects, but also among objects and help them understand verbal directions precisely. There are two sides to every object: front is the part that faces forward, and behind is the rearview. Practice identifying the two positions and learn to spot the difference between "in front of" and "behind". Our free front and behind worksheets are an instant hit among kids.

Tracing the Words In Front Of and Behind

Meet the two positional words: in front of and behind in this worksheet, where kids repeatedly write over the letters of the words, learn to spell them, and distinguish between the two positions by coloring the mice.

Identifying the In Front Position

Mr.Nibbles, the mouse is scouting pictures of himself posing in front of objects. Can your preschool kids circle the pictures in this identifying the in front position worksheet pdf, and help him?

Spotting the Images that Are Behind

Kids are pretty easy to please when the exercise is packed with visually appealing images. Watch those curious eyes hunt for pictures of the chick hiding behind objects and the busy hands circling the images.

Where is the Puppy, Front or Behind?

Leo, the little puppy, loves playing peekaboo with Trevor. Let your kindergarten and grade 1 kids help Trevor find Leo by choosing the correct positional word from the two options.

Circling the Images | Front and Back

Pump up the excitement and build directional skills as preschool kids read each instruction, identify the image that best fits the description in this printable front and back worksheet and circle it.

Completing Sentences with In Front Of and Behind

Create a fun learning atmosphere and develop spatial skills in kids as they read the picture clue and complete the sentence by choosing an appropriate positional word: in front of or behind.

Sorting Front or Behind | Cut and Glue Activity

Sharpen your scissor skills in addition to learning the two positional words with this identifying front and behind pdf. Let 1st grade kids cut the images, find pairs of animals, sort, and glue them in the appropriate columns.

Front and Behind | Check and Cross Out

Make room for this printable front and behind worksheet curated for kindergartners to identify the position of the car in relation to the other objects and check the images if the car is in front and cross out the rest.

Front and Behind | Coloring

This pdf may be a more typical choice if your kid likes coloring and a great excuse to show off your kid's creativity in the guise of bolstering their spatial skills in identifying front and behind positions.