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Measurement Worksheets

Measurement worksheets contain exclusive pages on size comparison, measuring length, measuring weight, measuring capacity, metric unit conversion, U.S. customary unit conversion, time, counting money and temperature. Each topic contains hundreds of worksheets to practice measurement concepts.

Size Comparison Worksheets

Compare the sizes of real life objects in terms of length, height, weight, quantity and appearance. It helps kids to reinforce the knowledge in tall, short, long, big, small, same, different, more and less.

Comparing Sizes Worksheets

Weight Worksheets

Weight worksheets contain estimating weight in both metric and customary units, measuring objects, reading kitchen scale, identifying weight of missing object in balancing scale and more.

Measuring Weight Worksheets

Metric Unit Conversion Worksheets

Metric unit conversion worksheets contain converting length or distance units between mm, cm, meter and km; converting weight units between gram, kilogram and metric tons; capacity units between liter and milliliter; and other units.

Converting between Metric Units

Time Worksheets

Time worksheets contain reading clock, telling time, elapsed time, converting between hours, minutes and seconds, converting between 12-hour and 24-hour clock format and more.

Time Worksheets

Temperature Worksheets

Temperature worksheets contain reading Celsius and Fahrenheit using thermometer; converting between temperature units such as Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin; and more.

Reading Temperature Worksheets

Length Worksheets

Length worksheets contain estimating length of real world items, measuring objects with ruler, paperclip and blocks, measuring inch tapes, reading ruler, drawing line segment and more.

Measuring Length Worksheets

Capacity Worksheets

Capacity worksheets contain estimating capacity of containers used in day-to-day life, measuring jugs, comparing quantities, reading graduated cylinder, equivalent measures and more.

Measuring Capacity Worksheets

U.S. Customary Unit Conversion Worksheets

U.S. Customary unit conversion worksheets contain converting length or distance units between inches, feet, yards and miles; converting weight units between ounces, pounds and tons; capacity units between pint, quart and gallon; and other units.

Converting between Customary Units

Money Worksheets

Money worksheets contain printable money charts, counting nickels, dimes and quarters, counting U.S. coins and bills, money word problems involving basic operation, comparing money and more.

Counting Money Worksheets