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Trigonometry Worksheets for High School

Explore the surplus collection of trigonometry worksheets that cover key skills in quadrants and angles, measuring angles in degrees and radians, conversion between degrees, minutes and radians, understanding the six trigonometric ratios, unit circles, frequently used trigonometric identities, evaluating, proving and verifying trigonometric expressions and the list go on...

List of Trigonometry Worksheets

Explore the Trigonometry Worksheets in Detail

Trigonometry Charts

Grasp and retain trigonometric concepts with ease employing these visually appealing charts for quadrants and angles, right triangle trigonometric ratio chart, trigonometric ratio tables, allied angles and unit circle charts to mention a few.

Quadrants and Angles

Identify the quadrant encompassing the terminal side of the angle with this set of quadrants and angles worksheets. Draw the indicated angle on the coordinate plane, measure the angles in the quadrant and represent as degrees and radians and a lot more.

Conversion of Degrees and Radians

Introduce the two ways to measure an angle, namely degrees and radians with this set of worksheets. Adequate worksheets are provided to assist in practicing prompt conversions of degrees to radians and vice-versa.

Degrees, Minutes and Seconds

To specifically and accurately measure the size of an angle in degrees, it is further broken down into degrees, minutes and seconds. This worksheet stack consists of ample exercises to practice conversion between degrees, minutes and seconds.

Reference and Coterminal Angles

Determine the reference angles in degrees and radians, find the coterminal angles for the indicated angles, and positive and negative coterminal angles with this assemblage of reference and coterminal angles worksheets.

Trigonometric Ratios | Right Triangle Trigonometry

Kick start your learning with these trig ratio worksheets. Identify the legs, side and angles, introduce the six trigonometric ratios both primary trig ratios and reciprocal trig ratios and much more with these trigonometric ratio worksheets.

Trigonometric Identities

Included here are fundamental identities like quotient, reciprocal, cofunction and Pythagorean identities, sum and difference identities, sum-to-product, product-to-sum, double angle and half angle identities and ample trig expression to be simplified, proved and verified using the trigonometric formulas.

Unit Circle Worksheets

Packed in these unit circle worksheets are exercises to find the coordinates of a point on the unit circle, determine the corresponding angle measure, use the unit circle to find the six trigonometric ratios and a lot more.

Trigonometric Ratios of Allied Angles

Allied angle worksheets here enclose exercises like finding the exact value of the trigonometric ratio offering angle measures in degrees or radians, evaluating trig ratios of allied angles and proving the trigonometric statements to mention just a few.

Evaluating Trigonometric Expressions

These worksheets outline the concept of evaluating trigonometric expressions involving primary, reciprocal and fundamental trigonometric ratios, evaluating expressions using a calculator, evaluate using allied angles and more!

Evaluating Trigonometric Functions Worksheets

With this set of evaluating trigonometric functions worksheets at your disposal, you have no dearth of practice exercises. Begin with substituting the specified x-values in trigonometric functions and solve for f(x).

Inverse Trigonometric Function Worksheets

Utilize this adequate supply of inverse trigonometric ratio worksheets to find the exact value of inverse trig ratios using charts and calculators, find the measure of angles, solve the equations, learn to evaluate inverse and the composition of trigonometric functions and a lot more.

Law of Sines Worksheets

Navigate through this law of sines worksheets that encompass an array of topics like finding the missing side and the unknown angles, solving triangles, an ambiguous case in a triangle, finding the area of SAS triangle and more.

Law of Cosines Worksheets

Incorporate the law of cosines worksheets to elevate your understanding of the concept and practice to find the missing sides of a triangle, finding the unknown angles (SAS & SSS), solving triangles and much more.

Solving Triangles Worksheets

Access this huge collection of solving triangles worksheets to comprehend the topics like solving triangles, finding the area of the triangle, solving the triangle using the given area and much more worksheets are included.

Principal Solutions of Trig Equations Worksheets

Reinforce the concept of principal solutions of trigonometric equations with this adequate supply of worksheets like solving linear trigonometric equations, solving trigonometric equations in quadratic form and much more.

General Solutions of Trig Equations Worksheets

Employ this assortment of general solutions of trigonometric equations worksheets that feature ample of exercises to hone your skills in solving different types of trigonometric equations to obtain the general solutions.

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