Trigonometry Charts and Trigonometric Ratios Tables

Integrate the visual aid trigonometry tables and printable charts in your math class to help high school children learn the trigonometric identities and ratios with ease. Included here are charts for quadrants and angles, right triangle trigonometric ratio chart, charts for trigonometric ratio tables, allied angles, unit circle charts to mention a few. Instantly review the knowledge acquired by using the blank charts provided here. Printer-friendly charts are also available. Tap into some of these charts for free!

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Quadrants and angles charts

Gain a clear understanding of degrees and radians that appear in each of the four quadrants with these exclusive quadrant charts.

Right triangle trigonometric ratio charts

These vibrant pdf charts help learn the names of the three sides of a right triangle. Learn the easiest way to remember the primary ratios using the SOH-CAH-TOA chart.

Primary trigonometric ratios charts

The printable display chart here focuses on the primary trig ratios - sin, cos and tan. Hand out the blank templates to the learners for a quick review.

Reciprocal trigonometric ratios charts

Supplement your teaching of reciprocal trigonometry ratios - cosec, sec and cot with this visually appealing chart.

Trigonometric ratios charts

The six trigonometric ratios, both primary and reciprocal are displayed in this pdf chart and help high school students to review and recollect the trigonometry ratios with ease.

Primary trigonometric ratios of special angles charts

Serves as a top-notch reference for the three primary trigonometric ratios of special angles. Observe and learn the values for particular degrees and radians from the display charts here.



Reciprocal trigonometric ratios of special angles charts

The chart here encompasses a table of values for the degrees and radians of the three reciprocal trigonometric ratios of special angles.



Trigonometric ratio table

Utilize this printable chart containing a table of values for different degrees and radians to recall the six trigonometric ratios for special angles.



Unit circle chart

This pdf circle-chart helps to find the functions of trigonometry that are most simply defined using the unit circle.

Trigonometric ratios of allied angles charts

The informative charts here help grasp the trigonometric ratios of allied angles for quadrants, degrees and radians with ease.

Trigonometric identities charts

The six charts here consist of all the commonly used trig identities one needs to memorize to become a trigonometric expert.

Trigonometric ratios of all triangles

Learn the important rules - the Sine Law/rule and the Cosine Law/rule; relating the angles and sides of a triangle from this printable display chart for high school.