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Reference Angles and Coterminal Angles Worksheets

This set of high-school worksheets offers topics like finding the reference angles in degrees and radians; finding the coterminal angles for the indicated angles, positive and negative coterminal angles, and more. Reinforce the concept of reference and coterminal angles with the multiple response worksheets featured here.

Reference angles - Degrees

Read the coordinate plane and find the reference angle for each indicated angle. The angles are expressed in degrees. Problems without coordinate plane are also included.

Reference angles - Radians

Each worksheet encompasses seven unique problems with the angles presented in radians. Determine the reference angle for each problem.

Coterminal angles - Degrees

Identify the coterminal angle between 0° and 360° for each given angle. Ex: Find the coterminal angle for 597°.

Coterminal angles - Radians

Each worksheet contains six problems to find coterminal angles between 0 and 2 pi for the given angle (in radians).

Positive and negative coterminal angles

The angles are presented in degrees or radians. Add 360° or 2 pi to find the positive coterminal angle. Subtract 360° or 2 pi to find the negative coterminal angle. Show your result on the coordinate plane.

Multiple response

The worksheets comprise six unique questions covering the diverse aspects of reference angles and coterminal angles. Verify your responses with the answer key.

The entire collection of reference angles and coterminal angles worksheets can be downloaded in a jiffy!