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Pre-Algebra Worksheets

Pre-Algebra worksheets contain exclusive pages for fractions, decimals, integers, measurement, squaring numbers, order of operations, estimation, factors, GCF, LCM, ratio, percent, exponents, radicals, scientific notations, logarithms, absolute value, graph and more.

Fractions Worksheets

Identify, arrange, and compare proper, improper and mixed fractions, basic math operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions, conversion of decimals and percents into fractions, fractions word problems and more.

Integer Worksheets

Integer worksheets include basic math operations in integers, arrange and order, comparing integers and more.

Math Word Problems Worksheets

Explore the simple math concepts using math word problems. It helps you understand how the numbers play the role in real life situation.

Squaring Numbers Worksheets

Exclusive square worksheets include squaring integers, fractions, decimals, square roots and more. Blank and filled charts included.

Order of Operations Worksheets

Solve the worksheets using DMAS or BODMAS or PEMDAS rule.

Ordering numbers Worksheets

Arrange and order the whole numbers, integers, fractions and decimals.

Estimation Worksheets:

Estimation worksheets contain rounding off whole numbers to the nearest tens or hundreds or any place values and rounding off fractions and decimals. It also includes estimation of sum, difference, product and quotient of numbers.

Factoring worksheets

Find the factors using prime factorization, factor tree method, long division method etc.

Greatest common factor worksheets

List the multiples of numbers and pick the common factors. Identify the greatest common factor from the pick. Also use factor tree method to find the GCF.

Least common multiple worksheets

LCM worksheets provided with various difficulty levels for better practice and understanding.

Percent Worksheets

It includes how to convert fractions, decimals into percent, percent of given numbers, percent word problems and more.

Decimals Worksheets

Number names, ordering decimals, Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals with different digit combinations, converting fractions and percent into decimals, decimals word problems and more.

Measurement Worksheets

It includes metric charts in US and standard metric system, conversion of units of length, mass, area, volume, speed and more.

Exponents Worksheets

Exponents help in representing product of bigger numbers in simple exponential notation. Use the properties of exponents to solve the worksheets.

Radicals Worksheets

Printable handouts help you to identify the relation between squares and square roots, cubes and cube roots and nth powers and nth roots.

Scientific notations Worksheets

Improve your skill in writing the very large or small number in scientific notation.

Absolute Value Worksheets

It includes absolute value of positive and negative numbers and basic operations.

Logarithm Worksheets

Identify the relation between common logarithm and natural logarithm. Apply the properties of logarithm to solve complex problems. Use calculator to identify the logarithmic values or use properties to simplify the given logarithmic numbers.

Graphing worksheets

Very useful worksheets for kids to understand the points in co-ordinate plane, identifying quadrants, finding distance between points, plot and identify figure using the coordinates, representing straight line, linear inequalities and others curves, transformations, translations, symmetry, dilation and more.

Ratio Worksheets

Printable worksheets to convert fractions into ratio, simplest form of ratio, equivalent form of ratio, comparing ratio, proportion worksheets, ratio word problems and more.

Proportion Worksheets

A wide selection of printables on a variety of topics like identify the proportion, form a proportion, constant of proportionality, unit rate and many more are displayed here.