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Printable Pre-Algebra Worksheets

“Practice makes perfect,” prepare a stronger base for algebra with this assemblage of pre-algebra worksheets; featuring exercises on topics like fractions, decimals, integers, measurement, squaring numbers, order of operations, estimation, factors, GCF, LCM, ratio, percent, exponents, radicals, scientific notations, logarithms, absolute value, graph and more.

List of Pre-Algebra Worksheets

Explore the Pre-Algebra Worksheets in Detail

Factoring Worksheets

Gain immense practice with this batch of factoring worksheets. Learn to list out factors, find the prime factors, the Greatest Common Factor (GCF), the Least Common Multiple (LCM), draw the factor tree and much more.

Greatest common Factor (GCF) Worksheets

A collection of tailor-made GCF worksheets aimed at providing an in-depth knowledge of finding the GCF of two and three numbers, the GCF of monomials and GCF of polynomials. Venn-diagrams and factor trees can be used for a better understanding of the concept.

Least Common Multiple (LCM) Worksheets

Implement these pre-algebra worksheets featuring exercises to find common multiples, find the LCM of a pair of numbers, LCM of three numbers, the LCM of monomials and polynomials to mention a few.

Fraction Worksheets

Handy fractions worksheets feature identifying, simplifying, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and arranging proper, improper and mixed fractions. Conversion of decimals and percents into fractions and vice-versa. Fraction word problems have been included here as well.

Decimal Worksheets

Dealing solely with the concept of decimals, included here are tasks to find the place value of decimals and to perform arithmetic operations on decimals, conversion of fractions, percentages to decimals and vice-versa. Additionally, find PDFs to estimate and round off decimals and decimal word problems as well.

Converting between Fractions and Decimals Worksheets

Flex your learning parameters with this exhaustive collection of practice worksheets and solidify skills in converting between fractions and decimals with clarity and accuracy.

Integer Worksheets

Umpteen integer worksheets encompassing exercises to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers, comparing and ordering integers, differentiating between absolute and opposite values of integers and many more.

Significant Figures Worksheets

Employ these significant figures worksheets that feature a number of exercises like identifying the number of significant figures in whole numbers and decimals, rounding to significant figures and much more!

Percent Worksheets

Access a great variety of percentage worksheets focusing on finding the percentage of the shaded area, finding the percentage of whole numbers and decimals, conversion of decimals and fractions to percentages and vice-versa. Word problems are enclosed as well.

Convert between Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Worksheets

Wish to attain mastery in the converting decimals to fractions, or converting decimals to percentages? Our enigmatic collection of printable assessment worksheets will help you reach your goal.

Ratio Worksheets

The objective of the ratio worksheets here is to provide extensive practice with engaging activities on part-to-part ratio, part-to-whole ratio, reducing ratio, equivalent ratios and word problems involving ratios to mention a few of the enormous collection.

Proportion Worksheets

This vast collection of printable proportion worksheets gives a clear understanding of the concept of proportion with exercises to identify and form a proportion, plot the graph, find the constant of proportionality, and word problems pertaining to proportion.

Direct and Inverse Variation Worksheets

This assemblage of direct and inverse variation worksheets features direct, inverse, combined and joint variations. Ample exercises to identify the type of variation, finding the constant; translating equations and real-life word problems are included as well.

Order of Operations Worksheets

Perform a combination of arithmetic operations on 3 numbers with 2 operators, 4 numbers with 3 operators, with parentheses and nested parentheses; simplify decimals and fractions using PEMDAS, BODMAS or DMAS.

Exponent Worksheets

Supplement your knowledge of exponents choosing from a variety of exponent worksheets. Identify the base and exponents, intermediate exponents, represent numbers in exponential notation using properties of exponents and a lot more.

Radical Worksheets

Navigate through a multitude of radical worksheets. Perform arithmetic operations on radicals and simplify them. Also, enclosed here are teaching aid charts and worksheets to rationalize the denominator.

Squaring Number Worksheets

Enrich your practice with this set of squaring numbers worksheets focusing on squaring whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals and square roots to mention a few. Additionally, teaching aid square charts have also been included here.

Square root Worksheets

Obtain a set of printable square root worksheets that precisely deal with finding the square root of perfect and non-perfect squares, simplifying surds, finding the square root of decimals and fractions and many more.

Scientific Notation Worksheets

Equip yourself in writing scientific notations with this unit of pre-algebra worksheets, featuring tasks to rewrite scientific notations as standard form and vice-versa with positive, negative and mixed exponents. Simplify scientific notations as well.

Conversion of Units of Speed Worksheets

Are your children aware of the conversion factors required to convert between units of speed? Test their skills with our printable worksheets to convert m/s to km/h and vice versa, m/s to mph and vice versa, mph to km/h and vice versa!

Speed, Distance, and Time Worksheets

Traverse through our speed, distance, and time worksheets for exclusive exercises and word problems on finding each of the three measures given the other two, and to have a comparative study on speeds!

Logarithm Worksheets

Walk through this collection of pre-algebra worksheets involving exercises to convert logarithmic to exponential form, evaluating and solving logarithmic expressions, expanding using the power rule, product and quotient rule to list a few.

Absolute value Worksheets

Browse through an extensive range of absolute value worksheets that include tasks to find the absolute value of integers or fractions, perform arithmetic operations involving the absolute value of real numbers and much more.

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