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Absolute Value Worksheets

Free absolute value worksheets include absolute value of positive and negative integers; simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division involving absolute value of real numbers and more.

Basic Worksheets

Basic Absolute Value Worksheets

Find the absolute value of the integers. These worksheets are great for beginners.

Simple Absolute Value 1

Simple Absolute Value 2

Simple Absolute Value 3

Find the Absolute Value: Challenging

These worksheets include absolute value with or without negative sign.

Challenging Absolute Value 1

Challenging Absolute Value 2

Challenging Absolute Value 3

Addition and Subtraction

Adding Absolute Value Worksheets

Add two absolute value of integers.

Absolute Value Addition 1

Absolute Value Addition 2

Subtracting Absolute Value Worksheets

Subtract two absolute value of integers.

Absolute Value Subtraction 1

Absolute Value Subtraction 2


It includes both addition and subtraction of absolute value of integers.

Add or Sub 1

Add or Sub 2

Multiplication and Division

Multiplying Absolute Value Worksheets

Multiply two absolute value of integers.

Absolute Value Multiplication 1

Absolute Value Multiplication 2

Dividing Absolute Value Worksheets

Divide two absolute value of integers.

Absolute Value Division 1

Absolute Value Division 2


It includes both multiplication and division of absolute value of integers.

Multiply or Divide 1

Multiply or Divide 2

Evaluate Absolute Value

Addition and Subtraction

Simplify the absolute value that includes addition and subtraction of two integers.

Evaluate the Value 1

Evaluate the Value 2

Evaluate the Value 3

Multiplication and Division

Simplify the terms that includes both multiplication and division.

Multiplication and Division 1

Multiplication and Division 2

Multiplication and Division 3

Mixed Review

It includes all the four operations in each worksheet. Use PEMDAS to solve the absolute value problems.

Absolute Value Worksheets

Absolute Value Worksheet 1

Absolute Value Worksheet 2

Absolute Value Worksheet 3

Stock up your library with the complete set of worksheets on absolute value.