Time Worksheets

The time worksheets contain hundreds of exercises to teach essential skills like telling the time, reading analog and digital clocks; finding the elapsed time or duration and estimating the time taken for an activity. Printable worksheets to convert between 12-hour and 24-hour format; converting between hours, minutes and seconds; colorful printable calendars, and activities are included here. These worksheets provide children of grade 1 through grade 4 with an opportunity to grasp the concept of time easily.

List of Time Worksheets

Explore the Time Worksheets in Detail

Telling Time Worksheets

Included here are exclusive telling time worksheets, featuring exercises to read analog and digital clocks; draw hands on the clock to depict the time, compare and match analog with digital clocks; write the time in words just to mention a few.

Elapsed Time Worksheets

This array of worksheets includes tasks like calculating the start time, end time or elapsed time; finding the correct time from fast and slow clocks in terms of quarterly or minutes; comparing time and more.

Time Conversion Worksheets

Hone the skills of children in time conversion between seconds, minutes, hours and days in varied levels of difficulty featured in this set of time conversion worksheets. Also included are worksheets to add and subtract time as well.

Clock Worksheets

The collection of clock worksheets encompasses exercises to read the clock, compare and match analog with digital clocks; convert between 12-hour and 24-hour formats. Printable clock charts and teacher templates have also been appended.

Calendar Worksheets

The calendar worksheets here consist of ample attractive and engaging worksheets on reading single page yearly calendars and monthly calendars; printable charts for days, months and seasons; tracing and coloring pages; quizzes and other activities.

Estimating Time Worksheets

These worksheets have practice problems with illustrations of real-life activities to estimate the time taken ranging from seconds to months. Interesting handouts to estimate the time, recording the time and comparing the estimated time with the actual time have also been included here.

Sample Worksheets