Clock Charts and Templates

Salute a clock for making our life an awful lot easier! Kids who crack through their time-telling tasks are far more likely to live a brighter life than those who make do with a lackluster time talent. We must ensure our youngsters are acclimatized to clocks and the unique system that is at work on a clock face, hence our printable clock charts and templates. Part of this resource is a host of charts both with and without hands where students of kindergarten and 1st grade have heaps of practice working their way up a clock. The real pick is a set of colorful clocks that rivet your attention as you zero in on the small and big hands and their unique positioning to represent a wide range of times. Happy clock learning!

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Clock Charts - Single Clock

Happiness is that a clock is as alive and kicking as your youngster. In these printable single-clock charts, focus on the hour hand and minute hand. If it's 1 o'clock, the hour hand is at 1 and the minute hand is at 12. In every o'clock, the minute hand is at 12.

O'Clock Chart - 12 Clocks

Morph kindergarten students into grandstanding clock readers! Each clock in this pdf 12-clock chart has a unique color so time-reading is twice as fun. The clocks display a progression from 1 o'clock to 12 o'clock. The first set has times written in it, while the blank set tasks kids with writing times.

Teacher Template | Multiple Clocks

A blank clock is a great tool that teachers can fit around an exciting spectrum of activities. And with a whole array of 12 such printable clocks up for grabs, the party never ends. Draw the hour and minute hands, direct the minute hand to your choice, and write the time below.

Teacher Template | Single Clock

Depriving a clock of its hands is not the nicest thing to do! But what if it helps make a big difference to teaching time? Teachers print copies of these templates, draw the hour and minute hands to their choice, and ask kids to determine the time. No one is left behind in the time race!