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Comparing Sizes Worksheets

Comparing sizes worksheets provide an early introduction to the concept of measurement, featuring six exclusive topics. Included here are amazing activities to differentiate, compare, sort and identify objects. Enrich the vocabulary of preschool and kindergarten kids with antonyms like same/different, big/small, tall/short and many more in the process.

List of Size Comparison Worksheets

Explore the Size Comparison Worksheets in Detail

Same vs Different Worksheets

This collection of colorful worksheets features, tasks to identify objects of the same sizes and also to compare and differentiate between them. Worksheets to pick the odd one out have also been included.

Big vs Small Worksheets

The themed worksheets here focus precisely on the commonly used adjectives - big and small. Exercises like observing and comparing, ordering according to the sizes, tracing, drawing and coloring activities; cut and paste activities reinforce the concept.

Long vs Short Worksheets

Emphasizing on the concept of comparing the length of objects; the long vs short worksheets encompass tasks to identify and sequence objects according to their sizes, drawing line segments and a lot more.

Tall vs Short Worksheets

Incorporate the tall vs short worksheets to compare the heights of real-life objects, animals or people. Tasks to find the tallest or shortest from a group, ordering based on height and many more exercises are included here.

Heavy vs Light Worksheets

Figure out the concept of weight with these heavy vs light worksheets. Themed activities like recognizing the heaviest or the lightest object, balancing the scale, cut and paste and many such interesting activities are featured here.

More vs Less Worksheets

Check out the umpteen more vs less worksheets here dealing with comparison of quantities. Observe each group and identify the one with more or less items, compare containers and also the level of liquid in them in this array of attractive worksheets.

Sample Worksheets