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Comparing Sizes Worksheets

Comparing size worksheets contain 6 exclusive topics. Each topic has an exclusive page with a lot of printable colorful worksheets for kids under preschool and kindergarten. These worksheets are an early introduction to measurement concepts.

Same and Different Worksheets

This page contains identifying same sizes, same pictures, different pictures, odd one out and more.

Same vs Different

Long vs Short Worksheets

Compare length of the objects and identify which is longer or shorter.

Long vs Short

Heavy vs Light Worksheets

Basic worksheets to learn early weight concepts. Identify which is heavy or light.

Heavy vs Light

Big vs Small Worksheets

Compare sizes of the objects and identify the big one and small one.

Big vs Small

Tall vs Short Worksheets

Compare the height of each real life items, animals or humans and identify which is taller or shorter.

Tall vs Short

More vs Less Worksheets

Compare the quantities in each group and identify which has more and fewer number of items.

More or Less