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Big vs Small Worksheets

The worksheets in this page help children in identifying big and small items with real-life objects, animals, birds, shapes and more. These worksheets are suitable for kids under preschool and kindergarten.

Comparing and Coloring Shapes

Color the small shape with one color and big shape with another color in each section.

Compare Size and Color

Shapes 1 | Shapes 2 | Shapes 3

Big vs Small: Jungle Theme

Each worksheet has 4 questions comparing the size of animals, plants, trees and birds in Jungle. The size of each file varies between 320-340 kb.

Big vs Small: Jungle Theme

Jungle 1 | Jungle 2 | Jungle 3

Big vs Small: Under Sea Theme

Compare two sea animals and circle the one that is large/small.

Big vs. Small: Sea Theme

Circle Large:

Large 1 | Large 2 | Large 3 | Grab 'em All

Circle Small:

Small 1 | Small 2 | Small 3 | Small 4 | Grab 'em All

Tracing and Drawing

Trace each shape. Draw same shape bigger/smaller than original size.

Tracing and Drawing

Drawing bigger shapes:

Sheet 1 | Sheet 2 | Sheet 3 | Grab 'em All

Drawing smaller shapes:

Sheet 1 | Sheet 2 | Sheet 3 | Grab 'em All

Small vs Large Shapes

Draw same shape smaller than original to the left and larger than original to the right.

Drawing Big and Small Shapes

Draw 1 | Draw 2 | Draw 3

Ordering Sizes

Compare the sizes of fruits / vegetables and write the number under each fruit or vegetable to state the size.

Ordering by size

Small, Medium, Big:

Veg 1 | Veg 2 | Veg 3 | Grab 'em All

Big, Medium, Small:

Fruits 1 | Fruits 2 | Fruits 3 | Grab 'em All

Coloring Bigger/Smaller Object

You have 2 sections A and B. Section B has two pictures similar to section A but different in sizes. Ask your kid(s) to color the picture in section B that is bigger/smaller than in section A.

Coloring Objects

Coloring 1 | Coloring 2 | Coloring 3

Biggest vs Smallest Objects

You have 4 similar pictures in each question. Tick the box under biggest object and cross out the box under smallest object in each group.

Biggest vs Smallest Items

Big vs Small 1 | Big vs Small 2 | Big vs Small 3

Matching pictures and words

Each question has 3 pictures in different sizes. Under the pictures, there are sizes written in words. Match each picture to the correct word.

Matching sizes

Matching 1 | Matching 2 | Matching 3

Cut and Paste Activity

Cut out the pictures and ask kids to paste it on the picture-board at correct places.

Cut-paste activity

Fish Theme | Party Theme | Bird Theme

Use the following link to download the entire set of big and small worksheets at one click.