More or Less (Fewer) Worksheets

The worksheets in this page strengthen the knowledge in comparing two or more quantities. Practice skills contain identifying more or less quantities, choosing items that are fewer or more in number, coloring and drawing activities and more.

Drawing and Showing Liquid

There are some liquid in each container (section A). Color the container (section B) to show more or less liquid than section A.

Comparing Containers

Compare the containers in each question and tick the one that holds more/less liquid.

Comparing Liquid Level

Each worksheet has 6 problems identifying container with more (or less) liquid.

Coloring Pictures

Each worksheet has 8 problems coloring pictures fewer than or more than the number stated in each question.

More vs Fewer: Fruits and Vegetables

Each question has two baskets with either fruits or vegetables. Follow the direction and circle the basket.

More vs Less: Restaurant Theme

Each table has two plates of same food items. Compare the quantity of items, tick the item that is big or large or more in size and cross out the item that is small or fewer or less in size.

More or Fewer: Coloring

Each worksheet has ladybug, turtle, butterfly and frog with some spots. Color the one that has more or fewer spots.

Ordering Quantities

Order the pictures from fewest to most (and vice versa) quantity of items. Fill in the box under each picture to show the correct order.

Stock up your library with the complete set of worksheets on more or less.