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This page contains practice sheets on recognizing same sizes, identifying same objects, differentiating objects, odd one out worksheets and more.

Recognizing Same Size

Circle the same size

Each worksheet has 5 problems circling picture with the same size. Each practice sheet has unique theme.

Circle the object with same size

Light Objects | Furniture Items | Containers

Coloring Same Size Pictures

Color the same size images from the group of 4. There are 5 such groups in each worksheet.

Coloring Same Size Objects

Coloring 1 | Coloring 2 | Coloring 3

Recognizing Same Objects

Matching same objects

Match each object from the left to the same object from the right. Draw a line to show the matching.

Matching Same Objects

Tools Theme | Vehicle Theme | School Theme

Ticking the Same Object

There are 3 images from the left. Compare them with the image from the right and tick the one that looks the same.

Tick the same picture

Fruits and Veg | Furniture | Sea Animals

Coloring the Same Object

Trace and color the image from the right that looks the same as left.

Coloring Same Objects

Trace& Color 1 | Trace & Color 2

Trace & Color 3

Recognizing different objects

Odd one out: Different Picture

There are four pictures in each row with 3 same images and 1 different image. Pick out the different image.

Picking Out Odd Image

Odd Picture 1 | Odd Picture 2 | Odd Picture 3

Odd one out: Different Size

Each worksheet has 5 problems identifying object in different size.

Picking Out Odd Size

Odd Size 1 | Odd Size 2 | Odd Size 3

Odd one out: Different Position

Pick out the image that turns in different direction or position.

Picking Out Odd Position

Odd Position 1 | Odd Position 2

Odd Position 3

Odd one out: Missing Portion or Parts

This 'odd one out' worksheets contain 5 problems identifying picture that is different from other 3 images with missing portion or parts.

Picking Out Odd Portion

Odd Portion 1 | Odd Portion 2 | Odd Portion 3

Odd one out: Different Category

Each group 4 pictures with 3 under same category. Identify the category and pick out the odd one out from the group.

Picking Out Odd Category

Odd Category 1 | Odd Category 2

Odd Category 3