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Long vs short topic is an early introduction to understand length concept. These worksheets are suitable for kids under preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade. A lot of themes were used based on animals and real world items.

Reptile Theme: Long vs Short

Each section has 2 reptiles. Tick the long reptile and cross out the short reptile. There are four sections in each worksheet.

Long vs Short: Reptile Theme

Reptile 1 | Reptile 2 | Reptile 3

Classroom Theme: Long vs Short

Each worksheet has 6 problems identifying longer or shorter objects used in classroom.

Long vs Short: Classroom Theme

Classroom 1 | Classroom 2 | Classroom 3

Real Life Objects

Tick the long object and cross out the short object in each section. Each worksheet has different theme.

Finding long and short real life objects

Vehicles | Hand Tools | Kitchen Implements

Drawing Line Segments

There is a line segment drawn in each question. Draw another line either longer or shorter than the original one.

Drawing Line Segments

Line Segment 1 | Line Segment 2

Line Segment 3

Identifying Long or Short One

Another set of long-short printable sheets with different theme in each worksheet.

Long vs Short: Caterpillar Theme

Caterpillar | Earth Worm | Snake

Longest vs Shortest

There are 3 items in different sizes in each section. Tick the longest or shortest object.

Identifying Longest or Shortest Objects

Longest vs Shortest 1 | Longest vs Shortest 2 | Longest vs Shortest 3

Ordering Objects

There are 2 sections in each worksheet. In first section, write 1 to 3 to show the order from shortest to longest objects. In second section, order from longest to shortest objects.

Ordering Objects

Ordering 1 | Ordering 2 | Ordering 3