Long vs Short Worksheets

Long vs short topic is an early introduction to understand length concept. These worksheets are suitable for kids under preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade. A lot of themes were used based on animals and real world items.

Reptile Theme: Long vs Short

Each section has 2 reptiles. Tick the long reptile and cross out the short reptile. There are four sections in each worksheet.

Classroom Theme: Long vs Short

Each worksheet has 6 problems identifying longer or shorter objects used in classroom.

Real Life Objects

Tick the long object and cross out the short object in each section. Each worksheet has different theme.

Themes: Vehicles, Hand Tools, Kitchen Implements

Drawing Line Segments

There is a line segment drawn in each question. Draw another line either longer or shorter than the original one.

Identifying Long or Short One

Another set of long-short printable sheets with different theme in each worksheet.

Themes: Caterpillar, Earth Worm, Snake

Longest vs Shortest

There are 3 items in different sizes in each section. Tick the longest or shortest object.

Ordering Objects

There are 2 sections in each worksheet. In first section, write 1 to 3 to show the order from shortest to longest objects. In second section, order from longest to shortest objects.

The entire collection of long vs short worksheets can be downloaded in a jiffy!