Pie Graph Worksheets (Circle Graph)

The pie graph (circle graph) worksheets consist of interpreting data in whole numbers, fractions and percentage; representing data in fractions or percent; drawing a pie diagram and more. The pie graphs are designed based on different interesting themes.

Reading pie graphs: Beginners

The pie graphs in this section contain three fascinating themes. Beginners can learn how to interpret data using these pie graphs.

Interpreting Pie Graphs for Beginners

Favorite Food | Bird Watch | Favorite Fruit

Reading pie graphs: Basic fraction

The worksheets are based on fundamental fractions.The pie graph is divided into simple fractions like quarters and halves.

Interpreting Data: Basic Fraction

Outdoor Activities | Reptiles | Entertainment

Reading pie graphs: Basic percent

The pie graphs are based on the basic percentage. Use 25% and 50% as the standard scales to interpret each pie graph.

Data Interpretation: Basic Percent

Camping Supplies | Scuba Diving | Toy Factory

Interpreting pie graphs in percentage

Each pie graph contains data in percentage. The graphs are designed based on three unique themes. Answer the questions using the pie graph.

Pie Graph: Data Interpretation in Percent

Beach Activities | Jewelry Make | Snack Bar

Interpreting pie graphs in fraction

The pie graph worksheets are based on interpreting data in fractions. Observe the pie graph and answer the questions.

Pie Graph: Data Interpretation in Fraction

Pet Ownership | Public Transport | Furniture Shop

Convert the data from whole number to fraction

Each worksheet contains five questions based on the pie graphs. At least, two questions require conversion of a whole number into fractions.

Interpret Data: Convert to Fraction

Earnings | Planting Trees | Clothing Store

Convert the data from whole number to percent

The pie graph in these worksheets require conversion of a whole number into percentage.

Interpret Data: Convert to Percent

Ice cream Sales | Weather Report | Dairy Products

Convert the data into either fraction or percent

Study the pie graph and answer the questions by converting the data into either fraction or percentage accordingly.

Interpreting Pie Graphs: Mixed Conversion

Farm Animals | Favorite Movies | School Election

Convert from fraction to whole number

The pie graphs are divided in fractions.The exercises are based on converting fractions to a whole number.

Data Interpretation: Fraction to Whole number

Favorite Breakfast | Recycling | Music Concert

Convert from percentage to whole number

Each worksheet has a circle graph (pie graph) based on conversion of percentage to a whole number

Data Interpretation: Percent to Whole number

Family Budget | Magazines | Bicycle Production

Drawing pie graphs: 30 degree increment

Draw your own pie graph using the data given in the table. Students can use the circle already drawn in 30 degree increment.

Drawing Pie Graph: Data Interpretation

Trees around a School | Favorite Beverages | Fishing

Draw a pie graph using a protractor

Calculate the degree for each item in the data.Draw a pie graph using a protractor based on your calculation.

Drawing Pie Graph: Using Protractor

Activity | Favorite City | Basketball Goals

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