2D Shapes Worksheets

Here you find a lot of basic 2D shapes worksheets for kids under grade 5. It contains coloring shapes; identifying shapes such as circle, triangle, oval etc.; display charts and other shapes activities.

Coloring Shapes

Each worksheet has collection of shapes. Identify the shape you have asked to choose and color every similar shape.

Coloring Single Shape

Coloring shapes

Coloring Circles:

Circle 1 | Circle 2 | Grab 'em All

Coloring Squares:

Square 1 | Square 2 | Grab 'em All

Coloring Rectangles:

Rectangle 1 | Rectangle 2 | Grab 'em All

Coloring Triangles:

Triangle 1 | Triangle 2 | Grab 'em All

Coloring Ovals:

Oval 1 | Oval 2 | Grab 'em All

Coloring Diamonds:

Diamond 1 | Diamond 2 | Grab 'em All

Coloring Hearts:

Heart 1 | Heart 2 | Grab 'em All

Coloring Stars:

Star 1 | Star 2 | Grab 'em All

Coloring Multiple Shapes

Coloring mixed shapes

Basic Shapes 1 | Basic Shapes 2

Standard Shapes 1 | Standard Shapes 2

Quadrilaterals | Polygons

Display Charts

Single Shape Charts

Each chart contains one colorful shape with beautiful pictures around the shape.

2D Shapes: Charts

Circle | Square | Rectangle | Triangle

Oval | Diamond | Heart | Star

Multiple Shapes Charts

It is a combination of more shapes in single chart.

Multiple shapes charts

Black & White Display:

Basic | Standard | Quadrilateral | Polygon

Color Display:

Basic | Standard | Quadrilateral | Polygon

Shape Activities

Cut and Glue Activity

Cut out the graphics at the bottom of each worksheet and glue them to the matching shapes.

Cut-glue activity

Cut & Glue 1 | Cut & Glue 2

Real-life objects

Label the shapes and draw related real-life object for each shape.

Shapes: Real life objects

Real-life Objects

Identifying Shapes

Tracing Shapes

Motor skill worksheets for preschool and kindergarten kids to learn basic shapes.

Tracing shapes

Circle | Square | Rectangle | Triangle

Oval | Diamond | Heart | Star

Labeling Shapes

Label each shape and draw the listed numbers of shapes.

Labeling shapes

Label 1 | Label 2

Naming Shapes

Identify the name of each plain shape.

Naming shapes

Naming Shapes

Matching Similar Shapes

You have same set of shapes in two columns with different sizes and colors. Ask the kid to match the similar shapes.

Matching similar shapes

Similar Shapes 1 | Similar Shapes 2

Matching Shapes and Names

You have shapes drawn in one column and the names in another column. Match each shape to the name.

Matching shapes and names

Matching Shapes 1 | Matching Shapes 2

Drawing Shapes

Draw the shape in each box according to the given name.

Drawing shapes

Drawing Shapes

Counting shapes

Each graphic is a combination of different shapes. Count how many times each shape is used in the graphic.

Counting shapes

Toy man | Vehicle 1 | Vehicle 2

Flower | Home

Sides and Corners

Simple shapes worksheets that help you practice with number of sides and edges of standard shapes.

2D Shapes: Sides and corners

Sides alone:

Basic 1 | Basic 2 | Polygon | Grab 'em All

Sides and Corners:

Basic 1 | Basic 2 | Grab 'em All


Blank Chart | Display Chart | Grab 'em All

The whole batch of worksheets on 2D shapes can be downloaded instantly.

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