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Identifying and Naming 2D Shapes Worksheets

We have penned this printable set of identifying and naming 2D shapes worksheets that is easy to use – for the novice and not-so-shape-savvy kids of kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3. Packed with engaging exercises like identifying and describing basic 2D shapes, followed by quadrilaterals and polygons, coloring 2D figures, matching names with shapes, drawing 2-dimensional figures, identifying and counting, and a crossword puzzle, these pdf worksheets are aimed at laying a strong foundation in recognizing two-dimensional shapes. Capture the essence of this collection with our free identifying and naming worksheets.

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Identifying and Naming 2D Shapes

What begins as just an attempt to identify flat shapes ends up in helping with vocabulary and spellings too. Kids in 1st grade and 2nd grade are expected to identify the 2D shapes and write their names in this pdf.

Naming Quadrilaterals

Grade 3 kids observe the sides and angles of each four-sided figure or quadrilateral in this printable plane shapes worksheet, identify and label them accordingly.

Naming Regular Polygons

Polygons are 2-dimensional figures formed by joining 3 or more straight lines. Count the number of sides and write the apt Greek prefix with the word "gon" as in pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon and so on.

Identifying 2-Dimensional Shapes | MCQ

With three flat shape names as options to choose from, this printable identifying and naming 2D shapes worksheet doesn't fail to enthuse the little ones and test their recognition skills.

Coloring the Correct 2D Shape

Treat the cool kid in your kindergarten and grade 1 to this worksheet on identifying and coloring 2D figures. The kids read the name of the shape and hunt for it in the pool of four options and color it.

Matching Shapes and Names

Can your little artist tell a circle from an oval? Pique eager minds with this matching 2D shapes and names worksheet pdf where they make one-to-one correspondence between the 2D figure and its name.

2D Shapes and Names | Cut and Glue Activity

Cut and glue is one activity that has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the children’s favorites. Cutting the plane shapes and gluing them in the appropriate boxes is all that kids need to do.

Drawing Two-Dimensional Shapes

With 2-dimensional shapes forming the basis of many a drawing, it's vital for kids to learn to draw them. Put your ruler to good use or you may end up with wiggly lines while sketching the flat figures.

Counting Plane Figures

Interweaving two essential skills: recognition and counting, this pdf with an image of a ship, doesn't fail to catch the eye of your grade 2 kids. Get them to identify and count the shapes to answer the questions.

2D Shapes Crossword Puzzle

Doing crosswords dramatically increases vocabulary. With triple benefits of identification, vocabulary, and spelling this printable 2D shapes crossword is the thing your 3rd grade kids need.