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Comparing 2D and 3D Shapes Worksheets

Does the face of a dice remind you of a 2D shape? Comprehending solid shapes in relation to 2D shapes is what awaits your kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 kids. Effectively interwoven in this package are printable comparing 2D and 3D shapes worksheets with activities to analyze plane and solid figures and tell the similarities and differences between the two. Building on what kids know about 2-dimensional shapes, gradually bring in the concept of 3d shapes with these pdfs. Sample our free worksheets for a sneak peek into what's in store.

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Identifying Shapes as 2D and 3D

Kindergarten and grade 1 kids keenly observe each geometrical figure in this printable identifying 2D and 3D shapes worksheet, compare them and decide which of these are 2-dimensional and which are 3-dimensional; and check the appropriate box.

Matching each 3D Shape to its 2D Lookalike

The flat surfaces or faces of 3D shapes are made up of 2D shapes. Page through this matching 2D and 3D shapes worksheet pdf, analyzing and making a one-to-one correspondence between each 3D figure and its 2D lookalike.

Coloring 2D and 3D Shapes

Foster creative spirit and help kids visually categorize the geometric shapes as 2D and 3D with this coloring activity. Distinguish between 2D and 3D shapes by coloring the former orange and the latter green.

Sorting 2D and 3D Shapes | Basic Shapes

Is triangle a 2D or 3D figure? Instruct kindergarten and 1st grade kids to look at the shapes in the picture box, sort and organize them as 2D and 3D, and write them in the columns.

Sorting Plane and Solid Shapes

Skill up kids with this sorting plane and solid shapes worksheet featuring shapes like prisms, pyramids, trapezoids, and more. Classify each as 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional and write in the T-chart.

2D vs. 3D Shapes | Cut and Glue

Grade 1 and grade 2 kids snip the shape cards, sort them as 2D and 3D, and glue them in their respective columns. Works great in comparing and analyzing the features the shapes have in common.

Identifying 2D Shapes on 3D Figures

The globe resembles a circle, and a sandwich looks like a triangle. Spot the flat surfaces on solid figures that resemble the given 2D shape in one part of this pdf and the 2D lookalike of the real-life objects in the other.

Identifying 2D Faces on 3D Shapes

Can your elementary school kid identify the faces of 3-dimensional shapes? This pdf worksheet helps test their ability in recognizing the flat faces of the 3D figures they see and correlate them with familiar 2D shapes.

Counting 2D Shapes on 3D Figures

This printable worksheet is just the ticket to explain how 3D shapes are composed of 2D shapes. Kids of grade 4 and grade 5 are tasked not only to identify 2D shapes as the faces of solid shapes but also count the number of each.