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First Grade Math Worksheets | Printable Workbooks

"Every expert was once a beginner" says Rutherford B. Hayes. Kick-start your journey with these first grade math worksheets. Aligned to Common Core State Standards, this workbook compilation encompasses topics like place values, addition, subtraction, measurement and geometry. Supplement your teaching with vibrant display charts and ample engaging fun activities to bust the 'Math Myth' and develop a positive attitude.

Number and Operations in Base Ten | CCSS 1.NBT

Place Value for Grade 1

Figure out the concept of place values with ease as you practice exercises like writing number names, splitting numbers as tens and ones, counting base ten blocks, comparing numbers and reading the abacus model.

Operations and Algebraic Thinking | CCSS 1.OA

Addition for First Grade

Gradually build skills with this plethora of addition worksheets for grade 1. Find drills and word problems to add single and 2-digit numbers with 2 to 3 addends. Learn to apply commutative and associative properties as well.

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Subtraction for Grade 1

Enhance practice with these add-on subtraction worksheets for grade 1. Included here are number lines, word problems, drills involving single and 2-digit numbers. Decode riddles and solve crossword puzzles too.

Measurement and Data | CCSS 1.MD

Measurement and Data for First Grade

Compare length, height and weight, order pictures, measure using clips and blocks, read the clock to tell the time and interpret data as tally marks with these aesthetically designed measurement and data worksheets.

Geometry | CCSS 1.G

Geometry for First Grade

Get your basic in 2D and 3D shapes right, with this set of geometry worksheets for grade 1. Identify, draw and label shapes, learn about sides, corners, faces, edges, vertices and relate solid shapes to real objects.