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Fourth Grade Math Worksheets | Printable Workbooks

Variety is the spice of life! Add more variety to your learning with this stack of 4th grade math worksheets. Aligned to the Common Core State Standards, this comprehensive math supplement features topics like place value of multi-digit numbers, arithmetic operations, comprehending factors and fractions, analyzing patterns, converting between measurement units, interpreting line plots and understanding line segments.

Numbers and Operations in Base 10 | CCSS 4.NBT

Place Value for Grade 4

Familiarize children with place values, write standard and expanded forms of multi-digit numbers, compare and round off to the nearest place values and solve word problems in these 4th grade place value worksheets.

Addition & Subtraction for Grade 4

Packed in this 4th grade multi-digit addition and subtraction workbooks are drills, word problems, place value grids to add and subtract. Employ them to reinforce your knowledge in addition and subtraction.

Multiplication & Division for Grade 4

Meet benchmark goals with this 4th grade multiplication and division worksheet compilation, consisting of 23 worksheets each, with adequate exercises in multiplication drills, lattice multiplication and word problems.

Number and Operations—Fractions | CCSS 4.NF

Factors for Grade 4

This array of 4th grade factors worksheets encompasses practice in prime factorization, drawing factor trees, comprehending prime and composite numbers and more. Tackle interesting themed mazes as well.

Grade 4 Analyzing Patterns

Rattle your brains and put your reasoning skills to test with these vibrant, analyzing patterns worksheets for grade 4. Identify patterns based on type, size, shape and color, comprehend two-rule and geometric patterns.

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Fractions for Grade 4

Obtain this stack of comprehensive fraction worksheets for grade 4 to thoroughly understand equivalent fractions, distinguish between like and unlike fractions, and apply fractions to real-life word problems.

Measurement and Data | CCSS 4.MD

Unit Conversions: U.S. Customary and Metric

Incorporate this set of unit conversion worksheets for 4th grade children meticulously drafted with exercises to convert between units for attributes like length, capacity and mass in both customary and metric.

Line Plot for Grade 4

Make and interpret line plots with this visually appealing set of line plot worksheets for 4th grade children. Test your comprehension with the themed PDFs to make and interpret line plots.

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Geometry | CCSS 4.G

Geometry for Grade 4

The objective of the geometry worksheets designed for 4th grade children is to provide ample practice in measuring and drawing angles, identifying triangles, understanding parallel, perpendicular and intersecting lines.