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Inequalities Worksheets

Teeming with adequate practice our printable inequalities worksheets come with a host of learning takeaways like completing inequality statements, graphing inequalities on a number line, constructing inequality statements from the graph, solving different types of inequalities, graphing the solutions using appropriate rules and much more for students in grade 6 through high school. Solutions to inequalities are infinite and are presented as an interval. Kick-start practice with our free inequalities worksheets!

Completing Inequality Statements

Tackle this batch of printable inequalities worksheets by plugging each of the four options in the inequality statement. Grade 6 students circle all the possible values that make the inequality statement true.

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Graphing Inequalities on a Number Line

Graph the inequality on a number line by drawing a circle over the number. Fill it if the inequality has a ≥ or ≤, leave it unfilled if it has a > or <. Draw a line toward the right, if the solutions are greater than the number and toward the left if they are less.

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Writing Inequalities from Number Lines

Study the graph, and construct the inequality that best describes it. Grade 7 students look for open and closed circles, watch for the direction of the line and build an inclusive or strict greater than or less than inequality in no time.

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Identifying the Solution Graph

If buffing up skills in solving and graphing inequalities is on your mind, then these printable inequalities worksheets should be your obvious choice. Students choose the graph that best describes the solution for each single variable inequality.

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Identifying Inequalities from Number Lines

Observe the graph in these pdfs keenly and construct an inclusive inequality with a closed circle or a strict one with an open circle. Students in 7th grade and 8th grade use < if the line extends toward the right and > for a line stretching toward the left.

  • exercise 1
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Identifying Solutions in Interval Notations

Draw logical conclusions, whether the interval with a bracket or parentheses is the right solution to the inequality. The task in these pdfs for grade 8 and high school students is to choose the correct interval notation that best describes each inequality.

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Translating Inequality Phrases Worksheets

Primarily focusing on reading phrases and converting them into algebraic inequalities, these printable worksheets are sure to give students an insight into comprehending inequalities and their real-life connection.

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One Step Inequalities Worksheets

Are you looking for a variety of exercises to introduce or recapitulate one-step inequalities? Then be assured you are in the right place. With a host of pdfs for your 6th grade students to choose from, there'll be no dearth of practice material.

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Two Step Inequalities Worksheets

Refine your skills in solving and graphing inequalities in two simple steps. Grade 7 students separate the like terms on either side of the inequality. Use inverse operations to isolate the variable and solving the inequality will be duck soup.

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Multi Step Inequalities Worksheets

Work methodically toward solving and graphing the multi-step inequalities. With the adequate practice provided in these worksheets finding solutions to multi-step inequalities will no longer be a hard nut to crack for your students in grade 8.

(45 Worksheets)

Compound Inequalities Worksheets

Whether you are looking for inequalities that are joined together by the conjunction "and" or "or", these worksheets on inequalities beef up practice and prepare high school students in solving and graphing such inequalities.

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Graphing Linear Inequalities Worksheets

Visualize the inequality on a graph, analyze the properties of the line, observe the graph and figure out the inequality, sketch the inequality graph are some exercises present here to challenge your high school students.

(24 Worksheets)

Absolute Value Inequalities Worksheets

What happens when two important concepts absolute value and inequalities merge? They create an interesting topic absolute value inequalities. Surge ahead in solving the absolute value inequalities featured in our printable inequalities worksheets.

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Quadratic Inequalities Worksheets

Inequalities involving the second degree taking precedence in these pdfs. Solve the quadratic inequalities, find the intervals that make the inequality true, graph the inequality by sketching the parabola are some exercises included here.

(18 Worksheets)

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