Quadratic Inequalities Worksheets

Supercharge your high school students' solving skills with our printable quadratic inequalities worksheets. Represent the inequality as an equation, moving the terms to one side and equating it to zero, factor the equation and find the zeros to obtain break points or critical points, graph them on a number line, and determine the interval. Solving quadratic inequalities algebraically, graphically, and completing the table of signs, graphing the parabola and shading the solution region based on the inequality are the exercises presented in these pdfs. You now have the chance to test your skills with our free quadratic inequalities worksheets.

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Solving Quadratic Inequalities Algebraically | Level 1

With either -1 or 1 as leading coefficients and integer break points, these printable quadratic inequalities worksheets get high school students transforming quadratic inequalities into quadratic equations and factoring them to solve the inequality.

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Solving Quadratic Inequalities Algebraically | Level 2

Triumph in solving quadratic inequalities whose leading coefficients are integers by finding the factors, equating them to zero, determining their roots, and finding the solution range in this compilation of quadratic inequalities worksheet pdfs.

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Solving Quadratic Inequalities Algebraically | Level 3

Instruct high school students to express the quadratic inequalities in standard form by moving the expressions on one side and equating to 0, factor them, determine their roots, to find the critical point and figure out the solution interval.

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Solving Quadratic Inequalities | Table Method

Factor the quadratic inequalities and list out the intervals in the table of signs. Take a test value from each interval and apply on both the factors. Complete the table with the resultant plus or minus sign. Select the solution range that satisfies the inequality.

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Graphing and Solving Inequalities

Check if the quadratic inequality is inclusive or strict. Graph the parabola y = f(x) for the quadratic inequality f(x) ≤ 0 or f(x) ≥ 0. Find the vertex and identify the values of x for which the part of the parabola will either be negative or positive depending on the inequalities.

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Graphing Quadratic Inequalities

High school students plot x-intercepts, figure out the axis of symmetry and the vertex of the parabola, determine the direction, and illustrate the inequality using dotted or solid lines. Shade the parabola below or above the x-axis, inside or outside the parabola based on the solution.

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